What We Need

As sad as it is, the ‘Special One’s’ gone
The mourning is over, it’s time to move on.
As hard as it is, as much as it hurts –
Get them heads up and play for your shirts.
Roman and Kenyon let everyone down
Giving us Grant – an unqualified clown,
But he’s just temporary – along for the ride
So sort yourselves out and play with some pride.
The world is watching and ready to mock –
From “all conquering heroes” to “laughing stock”.
So its time for the captain to gee the lads up
If we want a bit more than the Carling Cup.
We need Drogba fit doing what he does best;
We need Sheva to prove that he’s up to the test;
Joey, Wright-Phillips, giving hell on the wing;
A capacity crowd with a reason to sing;
We need Lampard back, feeding balls through;
Or banging in goals – we could do with a few;
We need Terry and Ricky to shore up defence;
And Essien on form, as ever – immense;
We need Obi Mikel to wear softer boots;
We need Stamford Bridge to get rid of the suits.
In short, we need passion, commitment as well,
And we need the officials to all go to hell.
So chin up lads, just do what you do best –
Because we are the Chelsea so f*** all the rest!!