No Early Exit

Champions League, the Mestalla again
A win last time – but that was then,
Now Mourinho’s gone, Avram’s in charge
And the Chelsea boo boys are giving it large.
His whole appointment as clear as mud
Angry and bitter, they’re out for his blood,
They want it fixed and they want it now –
Welcome to Chelsea Grant, take a bow.
Show us some passion, show us some grit
Show us you’re not an incompetent tit,
Get out there fighting, give it some wellie
Show us there’s fire inside that belly.
The past has gone and there’s no looking back
The options are clear here, success or the sack.
It’s not that we’re awkward, impossible to please,
It’s more we don’t want our club brought to its knees.
So show us some spirit, show us some guts
Show us Abramovich isn’t nuts.
Get the boys sorted, fire them up –
And for god’s sake, keep us in this cup!!