Newcastle 0-2 Chelsea: Pushing Our Luck (& Utd) To Final Day

Grant obviously felt he could get away with a bit of tinkering today, making five changes to the side who’d enjoyed a midweek victory over Liverpool. Obviously they’ve had a couple of pretty hard games and he’ll be mindful of keeping players injury-free for the Champions League final, but risk aside, I’m not sure these are players who really need resting. After all, it’s not as if they’ve all been slogging it out week in week out in the league. Whereas last season they were still playing on their knees, this season their games total must be somewhat more conservative.


So, with Lampard, Makelele, Kalou and both Cole’s left out of the starting line-up, the first half was pretty much as expected. A hangover from our Champions League celebrations would certainly explain a very lethargic start which saw Martins running rings around us and us offering very little in return against a pretty organised Newcastle defence. With very little between the two sides, Newcastle unsurprisingly had the better chances whilst Chelsea were still rubbing the sleep out of their eyes. Fortunately John Terry managed to open his wide enough to clear an Owen shot off the line around the half hour mark. Nothing too remarkable then, and we went in all square at 0-0.


Either a rousing team talk or the consumption of vast quantities of E numbers seemed to do the trick at half-time, with us coming out ready for a game after the break. A goal started to look inevitable with Terry heading a Malouda corner off the bar, and a Drogba free-kick on the hour mark from the edge of the area saw Ballack head it in. Having taken some lessons in consolidating wins late on this season, we wrapped it up on 81 mins with Malouda – yes I did say Malouda! – slotting a Ballack through ball past Harper.


So, all square on points again at the top and somehow we’ve managed to drag it out til the last day – and make sure Arsenal finish below us into the bargain!


3 Responses

  1. u sound just like manu fans when you say luck. We are in this position because we deserve it. We might have been lucky sometimes like against middlesbrough but have also been very unlucky against wigan, everton and blackburn. Those were the games in which opposition did nothing.

    So cut the luck out. It is not the reason we’re close to the top.

    By the way, if wigan play to their potential, we will be champions of England and deservley so.

  2. I sound like a Utd fan? cheers for that, lol. I’m just being realistic. We’ve had a late flourish and we’ve found a bit of form recently, all credit to the lads for that but the majority of the season we’ve had to endure some pretty woeful displays knowing luck has played its part. ‘The opposition doing nothing’ doesn’t equate to bad luck, in fact, Wigan which ultimately could be the game where we really blew our chances, it was us that were found ‘doing nothing’ instead of defending in stoppage time as we should’ve been.

  3. Ya i know all that but we had another horendous season with injuries and African cup. Our squad was on its mere bones. Chelsea injuries are not for a week or two. They take 10-15 games out of a player. We were thrown down the deep end and yet we rose like a phenoix.

    MANU would never have won the league last season if we didn’t lose 2 CB and the goal keepers (except for Boulahrouz who should have been the one in hospital. Not an excuse, that did have a clossus bearing on the title.

    I was proud of Chelsea more last season then the previous two seasons because they seemed like gladiators to me. This season, iam even more proud.

    Luck doesn’t get you this far. It just can’t. It is great injustice to the sweating lads on the field.

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