Could Eto’o Replace Drogba?

With SAF likely to add to an already frighteningly good squad in the summer and changes in both personnel and playing style an absolute must for us, thoughts must turn to who we can bring in, if anyone, to cut the gulf in goal difference between us and the Champions. So, with one little battle left before the summer, are we preparing to go head-to-head with the rest in Europe to find a frontman up to the task?

Well, according to reports in France, we’re planning to go up against Barca for the £25million rated Karim Benzema. The versatile youngster previously linked with Utd and AC Milan has set Ligue 1 alight, finishing top scorer. But, the signing of a new contract in March and his ‘all brothers together’ attitude in the press following Lyon’s league celebrations seem to point to him remaining in France for now. On a more amusing note, it’s also reported that having failed to sign Fernando Torres for £40million in January, we’ll have another bash in the summer, hiking our bid up to some ridiculously high level – in for a penny, in for £100million apparently.

Whilst back in the real world, Barcelona and AC Milan are rumoured to have their eyes on another of our potential targets in Dimitar Berbatov, with Barca allegedly proposing a deal which would see Samuel Eto’o head to White Hart Lane – now that really would be an outrageous waste of talent.

A long-term target for us, Eto’o, at 27 surely has life in his boots yet? That Barca have suffered so much in his injury enforced absence this season only serves to highlight his impact. Unlike our current frontman, when Eto’o plays his commitment isn’t something called into question, likewise his ability to find the back of the net – as a matter of routine. But, the Spanish can be pretty unforgiving, and his deliberate booking to dodge Madrid’s guard of honour was regarded as pretty shameful. Add to that his criticism of some pretty listless performances from his team mates, and he really isn’t flavour of the month with the Catalans. So, his relationship with the fans now as harmonious as a Mills-McCartney marriage, the Barca PR machine is busy linking his name with a whole host of clubs to elevate bids.

Of course, our name being in the frame is par for the transferring course these days, but how much truth is there in this one? And would it be just a case of swapping one hot-head for another?


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