Should Drogba Stay At Chelsea?

Like everyone else, I’ve spent a lot of time talking about Drogba this season, and usually for all the wrong reasons. Last season I heard it said on many occasion that Chelsea would never cope without him but for much of this season it would seem we’ve done exactly that. He’s played half his games in the once again favoured prostrate position and in a warmer climate it would’ve been more appropriate to pass him the suncream than the ball given the amount of effort he’s put in. That’s not to say he hasn’t had an impact on the odd big game, because he always has it in him when he’s in the mood, but the sort of performances we became so used to last season have been few and far between this term. Add to that the constant whining and stories in the press, and his being at Chelsea this season has been about as positive at times as Avram’s substitutions.

And with the presence of Adriano Galliani at the Luhzniki Stadium increasing speculation of a possible move to AC Milan, Drogba saw fit to bow out of the Champions League final in disgrace. His commitment to Chelsea this season has been questionable at best. His commitment to Chelsea in that split second on Wednesday night was non-existent. For any player, tickling Vidic’s chin in front of the ref would be taking a pretty big risk, but for Drogba, a player publicly branded a cheat prior to every big game, a player the opposition go out of their way to ‘warn’ ref’s about, and a player who admits has the ref’s giving him verbal warnings before he even gets his boots on these days, it was professional suicide.

His behaviour resulted in an early bath and possibly a place in the penalty shootout. And whilst some supporters are still prepared to defend his shameful behaviour, I personally hope it costs him the opportunity to put the Chelsea shirt on his back again.

So with opinion apparently divided, should Drogba be given another chance?



8 Responses

  1. to my best of understanding drogba shouldn’t have touch vidic on his chin, becose vidic was at the ref front. but let say the bitter truth if drogba had not been set off he could have score a cruial goal before the end oif the macth ALL THANKS TO THE PLAYERS FOR MAKING HISTORY STRIAGTH AT STAMFORDBRIDGE THIS SEASON. !!!!!!!!!! SEE YOU ALL NEXT SEASON UP BLUES !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

  2. No – get him out, he was a pathetic, petulant disgrace on Wednesday night an should never again wear a CFC shirt.

  3. This is just the kind of nonsense that everyone out there who dislikes Chelsea comes out with, and you have swallowed it.

    Drogba is quite simply one of the finest players we have ever had. Strong, skilled, athletic and with a huge heart. Not only has he scored some fantastic goals (80..) in the last four seasons, but assists and defending put him on a different level to most strikers. You should support him, cherish him, because if he goes (and with ‘supporters’ like you why should he stay) we will struggle. A bit of our spine will have been taken away. To be replaced by who.. Anelka?

    Can i just remind you that Drogba’s goals (including two miraculous strikes against Liverpool) actually got us to the final. OK so he didn’t exactly shine against two world class defenders but if his shot that hit the post had gone in you may well have had a quite different opinion.

    OK so the mans moaning can be a bit painful, but at least he’s never boring. Perhaps the problem is that for certain ‘supporters’ he’s just a bit too confident, too outspoken. Certain things that have been said about him smack of racism. Don’t join in.

  4. It’s not a case of swallowing what the opposition think or say about him, the best players are usually hated anyway. It’s about being honest. Yes, his contribution at Chelsea has been outstanding but no player is bigger than the club and Drogba seems to think he is. The Drogba we’ve seen this season is replaceable and I’m not prepared to sell my soul for a few goals a season.

  5. “Yes”, Drogba shoud be given a second chance. If chelsea can only maintain the hit man, then they are eligible of lifting any trophy next season with the potential power of him. i think he will change because as a great man, you would never love to be disgrace the second time and will give his maximum contribution. I’m sure there will be change of attitude. please don’t let DROGBA GO. i love my darling club CHELSEA and I’m sure with our resources we can conquere the soccer world. God bless chelsea.

  6. please keep Drogba, he is good for chelsea

  7. Drogba should go as long as we have a suitable replacement for him (not Anelka). I feel lately his commitment to our club has been balancing on a knife’s edge, and he is only performing when he feels like it. It’ll be sad to see him leave (especially under the circumstances) but we need to progress as a club, and if he wants to move on… let him.

  8. Let him go. He’s made it clear since Mourinho left he wants a move. That interview before the final when he refused to back Grant was a disgrace IMO. And then getting sent off has resulted in the one guy JT who didn’t deserve it, taking all the responsibility on his shoulders. How can Drogba face his team-mates and captain again after that? OK there may need to be a period of adjustment and change of formation but that’s no bad thing.

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