Robinho Heading For Chelsea?

The latest name to be linked to a move to Chelsea is Robinho, although at present we’ve yet to hear it from the club. According to Wagner Ribeiro, he met Gollum in London for a bit of a chin-wag and Kenyon just happened to slip the small matter of a £28million offer into the conversation – as you do between glasses of chardonnay.

How much we can read into this is questionable, with the Brazilian not that long ago linked to Utd in a possible swap deal involving Ronaldo but then again that could’ve been about the same time he was supposed to have said he had no intention of leaving Madrid. Although that little snippet seems to have changed yet again, with Robinho himself reported to have backed up his agents claims by suggesting “what could happen is that I could go to Chelsea, as I have an offer from them.” However, as per advertising regulations, the Brazilian feels duty bound to mention another club allegedly in the race for his signature “Milan are also interested in me. The Milan directors have asked to hold a meeting with Wagner.” The fact that this ‘interest’ pushes his price up a bit doesn’t come into it of course. Utd clearly haven’t been prepared to play along with the press though, with Robinho dismissing any reports of a Ronaldo switch as ‘speculation’.

Anyway, going along with it for a minute, what do we think about the prospect of him swapping the Bernabaue for Stamford Bridge next season?

I’d have to say I’m not 100% sure what I think right now. What I know is that he’s just enjoyed a pretty good season with Madrid, he’s got pace, can pass and cross the ball and in terms of the beautiful game, fits the criteria better than what’s on offer now. On the flip side though, he’s rumoured to be a bit of a party animal with a suspect temperament, who’s driven purely by personal ambition. And whilst in terms of aesthetic pleasure he might tickle Roman’s fancy on a sunny night in Spain, how pretty would he look on a wet night at the Reebok?


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  1. I Think Robinho is a great player an he will do great at chelsea and Chelsea needs player like Robinho and KAKA to score more goals and reach chelsea’s main aim.

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