Anelka Heading For Stamford Bridge Exit?

Well, he’s been with us since January and whilst we may have seen the odd scowl, there’s been nothing much to write home about on the tantrum front. So, having kept his temperament pretty much in check for the past four months, Nicolas Anelka has used the aftermath of the Champions League defeat as an appropriate time to let off some steam. No point being left out when everyone else is having their say eh? However, in true Anelka fashion, despite his intention to absolve himself of any responsibility for the defeat at all, the Frenchman doesn’t exactly cover himself in glory with his outburst.

Anelka is reported to have said “I was told I would play in a 4-4-2 system. I didn’t come here to play on the right or on the left, I need to prove my worth as a centre-forward. I could have played up front with Didier. He wanted that as well, but our partnership has never even been tried in training. We must have played together for half an hour.” To an extent, I have to agree with him regarding his position because coming in as a second striker and finding himself constantly played out of position when clearly it doesn’t work for him or the team, must be pretty frustrating. On the flip side of that, it’s hard to feel too much sympathy for someone lucky enough to be playing in the best league in the world and earning £90,000 a week for the privilege.

Anelka may even have been forgiven for his penalty miss, given the apparent pressure on him after the captain’s slip – and I for one tend to be of the opinion that if someone’s saying they don’t think they’ll score a penalty then it might be wise to take that on board – but, having read the reason he’s giving for his refusal, I admit to a swift about-turn where the benefit of the doubt had previously been considered. In explaining why he wouldn’t take that crucial fifth penalty, instead leaving the captain to shoulder what should really have been his burden, Anelka says “I was asked to take one of the first five kicks, but I said ‘No way, I came on practically as a full-back and you want me to shoot one? So I had to go seventh but Edwin Van Der Sar pushed away my shot. Good for him.” Hmmm, touching remorse there Nic!

The fact that Belletti came on even later than him and managed to tuck a penalty away, likewise Utd’s Anderson who hadn’t had a sniff of the ball until he put it past Cech, gives little credence to his whinging about inadequate warm-up time, although I’m sure had the bench realised he needed advance warning in writing, they could’ve put something together.

But whilst Anelka’s little rant over the penalty smacks of an ego determined not to shoulder any blame, his frustration over his role came across as a direct attack on our former manager. And whilst Grant may well become a dim and distant memory in the near future, Anelka’s dissent may not. Unperturbed though, Anelka has warned “I have never said anything so far. I was a new man in the team. But next season it will be different, I won’t be a new man anymore, I will be a Chelsea player” – although with his words of warning still ringing in Chelsea’s ears, that remains to be see.


3 Responses

  1. He would have got some sympathy if he’d kept his mouth shut – but once the excuses start coming out, forget it.
    £15 million quid for a striker who’s scared to shoot? Hardly a ringing endorsment to keep him is it? What if we’re in the same position next year’ needing someone to come off the bench and score?
    He should just apologise like JT and say how he’s going to focus on next season blah, blah.

  2. I actually did sympathise with him before he came out with all that rubbish. Now though, having got the benefit of the doubt since his move, he’s finally shown us that ‘Le Sulk’ remains an appropriate label.

  3. i was ashamed of anelka.chelsea fans in NIGERIA WERE SO DEPRESSED WHEN HE LOST HIS KICK.

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