Arsenal Shocker: We Won’t Spend Big

So, Danny Fiszman, Arsenal director came out yesterday saying the club aren’t prepared to spend big – and this is news?!

The Gunners, who failed to win a trophy during the previous campaign (yeah, yeah, I know we didn’t either but at least we never gave up til Utd crossed the finish line), are determined to remain financial martyrs til the end of time it seems. And whilst getting plenty of digs in at our admittedly outrageous spending during the Roman era, Fiszman appeared almost orgasmic when telling the world Arsenal won’t be buying any ‘big-name players’. Hefty pat on the back for him then as any player who thinks he’s something special avoids Arsenal like the plague this summer.

Fair play, he did grudgingly admit that we weren’t in the ‘big spenders’ category last summer, before getting a few more digs in. But when he went on: “the football we played this year created expectations, and the fact we had a five-point lead (over Utd) created even greater expectations so I think everybody is sad and deflated”, there weren’t any violins coming from my direction. Because, whilst I’ve never been an advocate of Chelsea lashing out obscene amounts of money on even average players, I genuinely believe being a top side means competing on all levels. And whilst it’s all very well saying “we believe it is a team sport……we don’t want the disparity between the top and bottom earner being too big. It takes 11 people on the pitch to deliver”, I’m not entirely sure how realistic that is. I mean, in an ideal world what club wants a huge gap between top and bottom earners? But this isn’t an ideal world, it’s the Premier League – possibly the best, and most competitive league there is – and I think the odd ‘big name’ isn’t always the luxury Arsenal regards it as.

So, whilst there’s associated dangers of splashing the cash Mr Fiszman, there’s also the odd danger when you don’t – players will go and get it elsewhere. Not just the big players out there refusing to come in for less than they’ll get anywhere else, but also the players who’ve become pretty useful at the Emirates already, lured away by whichever club waves more Euro’s around. And whilst I’m not suggesting for one minute that the way football has gone, with some players not even prepared to get out of bed for less than the crown jewels these days is a good thing, for now at least, that’s the reality.

And so, when I hear the Arsenal director saying “we can’t win every year and hopefully it will be our turn next year and for many years to come”, I just don’t buy it.


34 Responses

  1. as i chelski fan i expect this attitude. last season showed how successful u can be by spending money, okay we never won anything but the moral of the story was this…..WE SPENT FUCK ALL AND GOT BETTER, CHELSEA SPENT SHIT LOADS AND GOT WORSE. does this outline the true ridiculousness of your post?

  2. that was meant to say, as ur a chelski fan btw

  3. Mate you have got it wayyy wrong. I am an Arsenl fan and your way off the mark! At the end of last season we only finished 2 points behind you despite spending fu*k all in the summer. Money doesn’t always buy you what you want. We will have more depth and quality in our side this season and the season after even if we spend nothing whereas all your so called stars or flops are looking for the exit because, as everyone said when you bought 2 teams of players, they are becoming restless at no first team football. Must say well done to you, you beat us to Wright-phillips and have now ruined him, nice one!

  4. you chelsea boys chat so much crap.Are you forgeting your’e only a small club with a rich benifactor just remember where you come from and everything will be o.k.

  5. And all of the above is why neutrals prefer to watch and support Arsenal than Chelsea. Neither of us won the trophies, but Arsenal were far closer to the ideals … ideals of how a football club should be run, how football should be played and how teams should be built, through hard work, a keen eye and development rather than boutique shopping.

  6. Arsene Wenger & the Arsenal board are pussies AND that comes from a Gooner of over 30 years!

  7. You dont buy it ? May Roman could buy it for you so ? We dont have the funds to spunk 30 mil on a waste of space like sheva and not have to worry about it. But we will be spending big. Is 11 mil not big enough(the reported price for Nasri) Just because we dont get mugged when it comes to buying players like ye do doesnt mean we dont spent millions.

  8. Why not? You,ve bought everything else…

  9. Arsenal is built on history where as chelsea is built on owner who spend 500 million and get nothing for his investment this season. It’s is the chelsea and it’s owner that has made football in the Uk overhyped, overpaid and overprice.

  10. Brilliant article, really fantastic

  11. there is some truth in what you say, especially as regards getting some of players lured away, that’s life, Arsenal choose to run their club slightly differently.

    In my opinion Arsenal can spend moderate amounts and still have a good chance of success next year.

    Our problem has been not spending anything when we have needed one or two extra players to add some more depth.

    The really big name signings are frequently turkeys, and are not worth their relative cost, it’s the slightly lesser known international class players like Sagna and Eduardo then we need three more of this summer. If Wenger manages that then we’ll be there or there abouts next year.

  12. You’re trying to sneer at Arsenal but seem to fundamentally agree with them and so have taken to argueing technicalities. Your post loses its claririty because of this. It seems to me you’re saying Arsenal are a bunch of losers because because they wont spend outrageously on players – a policy you agree with. But in doing so they they threw in the towel by finishing a massive 4 points behind Man U rather than Chelsea’s miniscule 2 points.

    They have taken a different route to Chelsea, perhaps if they had unlimited funds also, they would choose to buy instant success aswell. They are trying to succeed by buying potential and then developing it. From what I see they are doing a good job.

    Sneering at people who are less wealthy is crass, but to sneer whilst achieving no more is idiotic


    We don’t have (or want) a Russian sugar daddy pumping in, unlimited funds to spend on mercenaries for double their value, like some fucking game of Championship Manager.

    And I know it’s hard to believe, but before Roman came along, football teams used to win things on merit… and not just on money spent!

    To be honest, I’m shellshocked you are evening talking about our club & our problems, when you’ve spent over half a billion pounds on players & wages in 5 years, yet this season you finished 2 points ahead of us in the league and won, EXACTLY FUCK ALL!!!

    You lot should hold your head in shame!
    Let’s just hope the rumours are true, and Roman wants his money back soon… and leave all you former mancs crying like a certain “Mr. Chelsea” in Moscow, last week!
    I’m no Munich fan, but christ did I fucking laugh at you mugs, when they don ya! ha ha!


  14. I have to laugh when I read comments like this. Arsenal, with probably 1% of Chelsea’s artificial spending power, came very very close to winning the pl and we did also very well in the cl. On top of that arsenal play by far the most attractive football in the pl. For me chelsea has always been and will always be a small club. A club who needed aid from a russian oligark to be able to survive. When he’s gone, the club goes as well.
    Without Roman’s money chelsea is zero – zip nothing.
    Arsenal managed to build a super modern stadium without the help of a suspect business man.
    bon voyage

  15. You should really read or listen to the interview properly before you write your articles.

    Mr Fizsman actually said that the board have never said no to Arsene Wenger over transfers, and wont be doing it now.

    He then went on to say that big names are no guarantee of quality these days, and that Arsenal are more interested in big talent.

    Should you wish to read the interview properly and re-write your article – you can find it at


  16. ok mate- We dont have massive investment like chelsea so in order to keep the club in the top 4 we have to be carful with spending. If we over spend we could do a leeds! we dont have the Luxury (yes- a luxury) of just throwing obscene money at wages and transfers! good luck to chelsea- it appears this is the only way it was gonna happen for a club so close to administration but its not the Arsenal way! we are a traditional club with Values and ethics!

  17. yes, and your mob don’t have to worry about balancing the books because your Russian oligarch has underwritten your debts at zero percent interest. At least you have the perspicacity to admit that spending big was there before Nero parachuted in to town – FFS, Bogarde sat on the bench for two years and picked up his wages without contributing to your then consistent mediocrity.

  18. You may not ‘buy’ Fiszman’s comments, but one of the main points you failed to grasp was that he also pointed out that no one can compete with Chelsea in terms of what they pay for players and what they can pay in wages. His other point was that Arsenal’s wages bill is almost the same as Utd’s and more than Liverpool’s. His statement was partly a reaction to suggestions that Arsenal won’t pay the wages other big clubs do. Did you see what Henry was paid in his last year at Arsenal?
    As for our lack of trophies since 95, it’s a shame but as Arsenal fans we have seen our team compete and win titles in pretty much every era since the 30’s. We are comfortable that the people who run our club are not running up huge debts and are also confident that we will some trophies in the near future. We can also look back on our season as a big improvement on the previous year.
    I know you lot are probabaly still smarting over your recent losses but I didn’t really see anything in his statement that was an attack on CFC. Paranoia?

  19. Your article seems to be tinged with a hint of envy.

    I think you have more cause for concern. The way Abramobitch is changing his coaches is indicative of his attention span as far as the whole of Chelsea is concerned. In a word, short.

    Gooners know that they’ve got a great team and that had it not been for eduardo and van persie injured for half of the season, we would have won the league.
    We’re not very despondent at all.

  20. I think this is a fair article. Keeping a (relatively) strict wage structure is good on the business front. We all saw what happened to Leeds. Although we’re a long way from that, unlike Chelsea, we don’t have deep pockets simply funneling money into the budget. That makes ‘the bottom (financial) line’ even more important to the long term future of Arsenal. Once the stadium debt is paid down, if wages/spending does not go up then I think we can view these statements as disingenuous. Until then it is unfortunate but necessary.

  21. its all about money. arsenal just want big profit to make sure their club owner will get more money in the end of the season. they will not spend big….. they bring youngster and will sell to big club (henry to barca).

  22. why would you even care. surely it good news for you

  23. So now we will lose all our good players because we dont pay enough- tell Fiszmon to reduce all ticket prices then seeing we wont compete for anything- all this board should be fired-we wont get anywhere till we rid ourselves of them. bring in the russians at least we will have great players to watch–only answer is to go to chelsea to see world class players- arsenal wont have any now- none will want to join these skinflints – are the all jewish tight wadshere?

  24. Not buying big players don’t meen we don’t have big players there already or that the players we buy will become big players in the near future (even next season if everything goes well)! Just look at Vieira, Henry, Ljungberg, Fábregas, Hleb, Adebayor, Sagna, Clichy & Touré for example…
    They weren’t BIG PLAYERS when Wenger bought them but they surely turned out to be later, right?

    For me Potential Big Players are by far a better option than any so called Big Player that only can get down hill in a few seasons…

    This Arsenal team will all become Big Players very soon, some of them already are! I’m not worried, at all!

  25. A chav fan telling Arsenal how to run the club, hilarious. What, exactly, is supposed to be wrong with us?Great stadium, great young players, great manager, huge support, and, yes, financially stable.

    We are long term, you have, say, 5 years max before the criminal leaves chelski and that’s the end of your “History”.

    Deluded little man.

  26. Also, it means that Arsenal are not dependent on the whims of one man who may decide to bugger off and take up collecting art instead, which would definitely leave Chelsea up a certain creek with no method of propulsion…

  27. Arsenal is the model every club aspire to. Hugely successful due to a brilliant manager, and completely self funded. And playing attractive football at the same time.

    Chelski is everything most people find detesting. Spoilt kids entirely dependant on a constant flow of money from their rich ‘uncle’ whom they desperately need to keep happy no matter how much they disagree with his descisions.

  28. Spending big doesnt win you things, and didnt give up till the end? you do realise we where 2 points behind Chelsea and 2 dodgy decisions away from seeing Chelsea in the semi final, with the all injuries we had? manu and chelsea got very lucky in that respect.

    It took Chelsea half of our defence to get crocked to equalise in the league game at stamford bridge, even then it was a good few yards offside.

    Chelsea are operating on a negative income and manu are barely on a positive income, even then they still haven’t paid for Nani, Anderson and Hargreaves.

  29. You are incorrect my friend Danny Fiszman did not say we wont buy big. He said that the club have never said no to Arsene Wenger when he has been interested in a player.
    Its Arsene Wenger who wont buy big as he prefers a big player rather than a big name who fetches a fortune in transfer fee and in salary,
    something your club knows plenty about with the likes of Shevchenko and Ballack who have been a total let down since coming into the premiership.
    I agree with Sharad there is a hint of envy in your article, and you must hope your sugar daddy stays interested because the moment he finds another toy your club is in serious trouble.

  30. I know quite a few chelsea fans who would be embarrassed by this article. And when I say fans, I mean people who were turning up at the bridge when you were a yo-yo club in the 80s and early 90s. Lets face it, the way chelsea operate is cheating, the comment above likening their business model to championship manager isn’t that far from the truth. All I will say is keep laughing chavs because when it all comes tumbling down there are gonna be a lot of people out there who will take you to the cleaners. Arsenals success over the years has been built on stability not excess. As dissapointing as this season was it’s not all about winning trophies every year. I’d much rather see us play brilliant football than watch the boring shite your play every week. And you spent half a billion to build that shite. No wonder only 29000 of your lot to some games and you have to advertise on the radio to flog tickets. Chelsea are, always have been and always will be a small to medium size club no matter what that 2 faced lying cunt Kenyon and the Russian crook think.

  31. wondrinfree – whilst I’m hardly ecstatic at the way we conduct business, I wouldn’t exactly say that’s the same thing as agreeing with Arsenal’s policy either. What I’m saying is I think there IS room for the odd big player in any club, its about finding a balance bewteen the two. Ultimately, Arsenal’s lack of ‘big’ experienced players is probably the reason they went from 5 points ahead of Utd, to ending up 3rd.

  32. Your club will collapse in about 5 years time. Look at the salary of these players, its obscene. Chelsea is the main reason players have become expensive.

    Terry 135K
    Ballack 130K
    Shevchenko 130K
    Lampard 100K
    Essien 90k
    Drogba 90

    Its crazy

    and on and on. Can the team survive?

  33. Arsenal fans keep going on about how they were just two points off where Chelsea are. I mean, is that an achievement? Well done, you spent less than Chelsea and you finished below Chelsea in the league. Congrats.

    And guess what, you’ll spend less than Chelsea this summer and finish behind them against next season.

    How honourable.

  34. Typical ‘Sky Sports’ induced reaction with regard to Arsenal’s spending. The figures are there for all to see, we spend pretty much the same as Utd on wages and less than Chelsea. Who won the league and euro cup?
    As an Arsenal fan I’m not worried about our future as we have been and will continue to be one of the most stable clubs in world football. I actually think we have one of the best boards we could wish for, stable, business minded and with the future of the club in mind. They think 20/30 years ahead not just 5.
    You lot have won the league three times in your history and the wait between the first and second was 50 years maybe more? So not winning anything since 05 is no major worry for us.

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