Would Scolari Fancy Chelsea?

So, the axe continues to fall at Stamford Bridge, with Henk Ten Cate following Grant out the door. Having had the ‘your job’s safe’ kiss of death off Gollum only days ago, Ten Cate was reported to have said “He (Kenyon) told me the news and he also said that the sacking of Grant would have no consequences for me. I would rather believe him than the newspaper reports.” But, just like everyone else who’s had Kenyon’s word in the past, Ten Cate’s realised it ain’t worth much as he sits holding his P45 today.

Whether Ten Cate’s departure counts Rijkaard out of the running for the Chelsea hotseat remains to be seen, although he certainly seems to be less of a favourite with the press than he did in the days immediately after his dismissal from Barca. That’s partly down to the latest European reject declaring his interest in the job – despite his agent’s suggestion that he’s above begging for work. Why we’d even consider Mancini given the parallels between him and Mourinho though remains a mystery to me.

Fortunately, he doesn’t appear to be the only name on Roman’s secret wish list, and Scolari seems to be at the head of that list according to recent reports. The Portuguese Football Federation are said to be expecting an approach from Chelsea to speak to Scolari, who’s £2million a year contract expires after the Euro 2008 finals. But Roman will have to get a move on if he wants that chat, with the PFF and Man City already queuing up to have a word in his ear.

However Scolari, having previously turned down the offer of the England job, citing concerns of press intrusion (as if!) as one of the reasons, might raise his eyebrows a little at the goings-on at Stamford Bridge over the past 8 months. Two managers sacked inside one season, in-house fisticuffs and an owner who may or may not want a say in the latest transfer, coupled with constant pressure from the rags. Are these the sort of conditions Big Phil would uproot his family from Portugal for?

I’m not convinced.


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