Chelsea Manager: It Won’t Be Ancelotti

The media circus continues as the question of the next Chelsea manager continues to hang heavy over Stamford Bridge and following both Hiddink and Scolari reported to have ruled themselves out of the running recently, the latest candidate knocked off our hit-list appears to be Carlo Ancelotti. Vice-president, Adriano Galliani is said to have confirmed Chelsea have indeed requested permission to have a chat with the Milan manager – and have been given a firm ‘non avere possibilita’.

Of all the names touted in the press since Grant was given the push, Ancelotti’s the first to be officially approached and it’s no big surprise that Chelsea chanced their arm on him given his record. One of the most rated European managers, Ancelotti has won not only two Serie A titles but also two Champions League trophies with AC Milan since his arrival in 2001 and the Rossoneri are keen to hang on to him despite this season’s failure to qualify for the Champions League.

Galliani smugly suggested that Ancelotti’s name topped our two-man Italian hit-list (so let’s hope Roman has another attack of muteness before they consider the second name) and went on to inform us “Milan don’t sell their players, let alone the coach.”

Shevchenko ring any bells mate?


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