Chelsea Departure List Growing?

These uncertain times at Chelsea are a bit of a worry and the knock-on effect of us having no manager at present could cause us all sorts of potential problems if they drag on much longer. Not only have we got a few of Jose’s, let’s just say less successful signings, to sort out, but we’ve also got the ongoing Lampard contract negotiations to deal with and potential new players to sign if we’re to compete with United next season. But our current manager-less status leaves us in a sort of negotiation limbo land and if it’s not sorted soon we could miss out.

Obviously whoever comes in has got plenty to do before he even gets comfortable behind his desk. I’m sure whoever it is will already have a few ideas of his own, but he could very well find the odd transfer request waiting to be opened. So maybe the first job will be to look at who’s going so he can see what’s left? Because, if rumours are to be believed, there’s a lot more players ready to break down the Stamford Bridge doors to get out than there are trying to get in.

The most obvious of those, is Tal Ben Haim – not that we’d miss him – but having trodden firmly on the previous manager’s toes, he’s a player who might have a change of heart in light of Grant’s departure. Likewise, Didier Drogba who stated his desire to leave almost as often as keepers picked a Cristiano Ronaldo shot out the back of the net last season. And despite whispers of a possible change of heart yet again, with his ex boss (who, let’s not forget was ‘like a father’ to him) reported to be ready to throw somewhere in the region of £20.5million on the table for him, the chances are he’ll be with the Nerazzurri next season. But Mourinho wouldn’t be satisfied with Drogba alone apparently, and far from having anything to do with a possible return to the Chelsea hotseat, the recent bridge building with Roman would appear to have had an alternative motive. It would seem Jose’s attempts to butter up the Russian have been more to do with him wanting to take not one, but three of his former players to the San Siro. Because rumour has it, he could be trying to entice Carvalho and Lampard to become part of his new ‘family’ as well – for around £14million the pair. And unfortunately, that idea might not be as ridiculous as most of us would like it to seem. With Carvalho probably being the biggest asset Jose brought with him to Stamford Bridge in the first place and the Lampard contract saga still waiting to reach its conclusion, stranger things have most definitely happened at Chelsea. Andriy Shevchenko meanwhile continues to look possibly, maybe, potentially, going back to the other half of the San Siro, although whether we can actually squeeze even the smallest fraction of the £30million back out of AC Milan is another matter.

On to some of Jose’s less successful stories, and surprise, surprise, the name Sidwell pops up. But whilst he’s barely had to tie his boots at Chelsea, there’s a few clubs out there rumoured to be ready to throw him a lifeline. I’m sure just as we all wondered at the time why Mourinho was signing him, Sidwell is now pondering his own wisdom regarding what appears to have been little more than a sabatical move, and anyone out of Everton, Blackburn, Man City, West Ham and Villa could see a welcome return to playing for the one-time Arsenal trainee. By all accounts, Martin O’Neill would also gladly take Sidwell’s fellow castaway Shaun Wright-Phillips to Villa, so we could well see the pair of them reminiscing about bench days gone by for around £12million. One of those who hasn’t even managed to get as far as the bench lately is Claudio Pizarro, who should almost certainly be off to pastures new once the new boss arrives.  I’m not sure even the most successful manager could turn him into the sort of frontman we need and likewise Boularhouz, who needs nothing short of a miracle to keep him at Chelsea now.

The arrival of Jose Bosingwa, albeit under the previous manager, could well signal the end of a brief spell at Chelsea for Juliano Belletti, and with Grant having continued Jose’s trend of playing Essien ahead of Ferreira, even the new deal recently signed may not be enough to secure his future once the hotseat is filled. Whilst on the other side of the pitch, a lack of first team football could see Bridge’s transfer request handed in, in the coming weeks. Another one of Mourinho’s ex-Porto players and subsequent flops at Chelsea, Hilario is a potential leaver, although almost certainly not on the new Inter boss’ most wanted list this time. Cudicini, on the other hand, could head for Italy now that his patience is rumoured to finally have run out as he remains in Cech’s shadow.

Plenty for the new boss to get his teeth into when he arrives then, but if he’s going to get that little lot sorted out before the summer, Chelsea need to get their arse in gear so whoever it is can get on with the job.