Liverpool’s Torres Marking His Own Card?

Liverpool’s Fernando Torres enjoyed plenty of goals in his first Premier League season and having done so, has chosen to make himself a marked man for his second one by having a go at most of the defender’s he’s played against. Obviously unhappy at being roughed up a bit, Torres says “The central defenders (in the Premier League) are usually big, strong, aggressive lads. I guess it is probably because of these characteristics that the majority think they can solve problems by getting tough with me. But the truth is most of them lack defensive positioning as a result of their reliance on strength and aggression and leave so much space for you to take advantage of.”

However, at least one of our central defenders has been singled out by the Liverpool striker – oddly enough for a bit of praise – with him suggesting “John Terry is captain so gets a much higher profile. But he’s only secondary to Carvalho. Ricky is superb. He has every quality that is needed.”

But whilst I wouldn’t argue with that, I know a certain Red who would.


5 Responses

  1. I’m disappointed with him talking like this, to me its gloating …. and i don’t like that 🙂

    (LFC fan)

  2. what are u dissapointed about its true carvalho is better than terry because he is english he gets all the credit dont get me wrong terry is class but carvalho is better i think its great to here torres talk like this these are the words of a player with alot of confidence and is looking forward to terrorising defenders next season

  3. Its basically a calling card for defenders to get tighter to him and not give him the space. The way I see it he will have second season syndrome and will find it hard to hit the heights of last season.

    Have to agree that Riccy has been rock at the heart of the Chelsea defence the past few seasons, especially with JT being out quite a bit for one reason or another. He really showed his class.

  4. He’s not gloating at all just telling it like it is.He’s spot on about Carvalho.Second season syndrome is just wishful thinking on our opponents part. The details given to him about opposing defenders by the coaching staff is that good and most defenders cannot change their ways.

  5. torres is unstoppable u cant defend against someone like that he is too clever second season syndrome my ass more like top goalscorer syndrome next season if it wasnt for ronaldo and all his penos he would have been last season

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