Will Shaun Wright-Phillips Listen To His Dad?

Shaun Wright-Phillips has recently been rumoured to be undecided about his Chelsea career with the suggestion that he’s prepared to wait for discussions with our as-yet unnamed new manager to determine his future. However, it appears his dad has other ideas. Ian Wright, who let’s face it has probably only ever tolerated Chelsea when Shaun’s had a bit of a run in the side, has made it clear he doesn’t think Chelsea is the club for his son.

Not that I disagree with him. I mean, Wright-Phillips has never quite managed to turn himself into a consistently good player for Chelsea. Not for the want of trying though, I mean the little man’s hung in there and fought, and Mourinho certainly seemed to put plenty of effort into addressing Shauny’s shortcomings during his time with us. But it’s probably time we all faced up to the fact that he’s just never going to be the player we want him to be.

When we signed him for the pretty steep asking price of £21million, he looked full of potential at City. Yet despite the odd glimpse of an end product here and there, consistency has continued to elude him and it’s this inconsistency that’s found him spending ever-increasing periods of time on the sidelines – and Wright senior ain’t happy about that.

In a manner not too dissimilar to the angry parents of amateur schoolboys down the park on a Sunday morning, the ex-Arsenal man has had his say about the injustice of his son’s treatment. In a recent interview, Wrighty says “They (Chelsea) made him a lot of promises that just didn’t materialise. He was left out for a couple of games because his confidence went. Then he came in and he didn’t do well. Then he started to do well then he got left out again.” I’d have to agree he didn’t do well, in fact, with 4 goals in 81 League games it’s fair to say Shauny hasn’t exactly fulfilled his side of the deal either.

Feeling the need to defend SWP’s decision to sign for us in the first place, Wright says “You have to understand, other clubs had come out of the bidding at £14million and £15million when we know that in a proper market – without any of this over inflated stuff – Shaun would have gone for about £10million max. The fee ended up at £21million and they were the champions. So when he was going there we were all absolutely over the moon.” Of course you were over the moon, he was getting to sign for the champions and getting a sizeable pay packet – I very much doubt Chelsea needed to make him any promises to get his signature. And in the typical dad-won’t-accept-son-isn’t-good-enough fashion, Wrighty goes on “When I used to watch him at City I used to gush so much about how well he used to play. I used to say ‘How lucky am I? To be able to watch my boy playing that well?’ But he has gone to Chelsea and he just hasn’t had the same amount of chances.” Obviously it’s got nothing to do with the fact that he just looked better in a poorer City side than he did among the top players at Chelsea?

Anyway, with an overprotective father wanting an all-round better deal, Portsmouth, Spurs and Villa all rumoured to be interested and the midfielder himself hanging around to see what our new manager has to offer, it’s anyone’s guess where he’ll be playing his football next season.



3 Responses

  1. Let’s hope so.

    Fuck off Ian Wright.

  2. Tbh….I thought he should have went last summer. It was obvious JM wasnt intending on using him and he wasnt even getting on the bench ffs.

    Better to cut our loses and get shafted of him.

  3. SWP’s game at City was all about knocking the ball into space behind the defence and then using his pace to run on to it.
    Given that teams rarely leave any space behind them whether playing the Blues away or at home his game-plan has started to look a bit one-dimensional. Added to that his lack of tricks, feints and…well skill has meant that he is constantly running smack into a defender and losing the ball.
    As we have found out (Ambrosetti anyone? “The new Ryan Giggs”, remember ?) pace alone is not enough when you need to break down a 10-man defence.
    Sorry Shaun time to go.

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