Liverpool’s Gerrard Still Won’t Play For Mourinho

What is this apparent obsession Mourinho’s got with Gerrard? We’ve all seen how poor him and Lampard are together internationally and yet, having failed to bring him to Chelsea on two occasions, Jose’s now trying to lure him to Inter according to the rags. What I don’t understand though is why?

Firstly, we all know Jose wants Lampard playing for him again and Stevie Me has never done much for his game. Secondly, is he really that special? I mean ok, so he looks good here and there at Liverpool, but Torres aside, they’re hardly overrun with top players are they? Put him in a side full of real quality and I just wonder how good he’d look then.

I wonder what the lads at Inter would feel about the over-hit passes they haven’t got a hope in hell of getting on the end of? And that’s not to say he can’t pass the ball, because clearly he can, I just think there’s better passers of the ball out there, particularly for £30million anyway. Still, at least Inter would have Frank’s passing to fall back on.

I guess he might still be able to score the odd goal – when he’s taking a break from physio that is. Seriously, just how many injuries can one player have? Ankles, calfs, groin, metatarsals, toe-nails, you name it, he’s suffered it. Why would anyone be so desperate to sign a player who’ll spend half a season on his back? Didn’t Robben teach Jose anything?

But I guess it’s all irrelevant anyway, seeing as England’s saviour (according to the press at least) won’t be going anywhere. Be it lack of ambition or lack of balls to play anywhere he’s not top dog, Gerrard is rumoured to have turned down TSO’s advances yet again. Despite his continued disappointment at Liverpool’s failure to mount any real title challenge again last season (although you’d think he’d be used to that by now) coupled with the shambles in the boardroom, Gerrard obviously feels he can cope with the £120, 000 a week Liverpool hiked his wages up to (not that they could be accused of spending money of course).

Look on any Liverpool forum though and it’s a completely different picture painted of the hero who’s captained the club since 2003. Naturally, they’ll all tell you Saint Gerrard will never leave them, such is his commitment to the club. It’s amazing how the odd death threat and burned football shirt brings out the commitment in someone. So, offers or not, Gerrard will be staying at Liverpool (still awaiting his knighthood) because just in case anybody hasn’t heard this one already – next year will be their year.