Sidwell Refusing To Leave Chelsea?

While the papers continue to debate the next Chelsea manager they’re still finding a few column inches for most of our players along the way. One of the latest players to get the benefit of the media’s attention is Steve Sidwell. According to yesterday’s press our 25 year-old midfielder is after a £3million pay-off before he’ll consider letting us sell him.

Now whilst there doesn’t seem to be much substance to this story yet, it’s not totally inconceivable either, with his agent saying “His situation is he’s under contract to Chelsea for another three years and Steven is happy to fight for his place.” But given Sidwell’s about as likely to get a regular place at Chelsea as Liverpool are to win the title next season, it’s a fair bet he’d be spending the remainder of his time at Chelsea in the reserves. Not the smartest decision a player could make but then it wouldn’t be the first time. Winston Bogarde ring any bells?

The thing is, if there is any truth in these rumours, then I’d have to suggest Sidwell gets a bit of perspective. He was only signed from Reading last summer for two reasons, the first one being that he was on a free and the second one that Mourinho’s skills as a manager generally lay outside of the transfer market. I know Jose explained this particular acquisition away with the “cover for ACON” line, but it still left most of us scratching our heads. And as for his £50,000 a week salary, Sidwell has our ridiculous wage structure to thank for that and should be grateful he’s earnt it for a year of doing nothing.

Call me naive, but I’d have thought that with clubs like Villa, City, Boro, West Ham, Fulham, Sunderland, Newcastle, Blackburn and even Everton expressing an interest in signing him, Sidwell would be happy to get himself back into playing regular first team football. And yet we’re being told he’s got it in his head it might be worth hanging around to see if our new manager can see something we all missed in the 7 league games he played for us last season.

Surely he realises this sort of stance, aside from putting off potential buyers, will lead to a regular place – in our reserves? And if he does realise this, then what does that say about him as a player? Whilst I appreciate players don’t want to lose potential earnings, he was incredibly lucky to get that sort of contract in the first place, it certainly wasn’t realistic. Does the game really mean so little to him that he’s prepared to turn down regular football at, say, Everton – potential Champions League place challengers next season – because he’d be happier earning £50,000 a week for sod all?

If that’s the case, and the press haven’t blown this one out of the usual proportion, then I’d have to say we should let him rot in the reserves because that’s exactly where this sort of attitude belongs.


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  1. Couldnt agree more…….

    Especially with this new rule going to be implimented over the next few seasons (5+6 rule) , we could do with less of players like him and make way for up and coming players from the reserves to benefit from first team football that will make this adjustment that will be forced on every club run smoothly.

    We’ve various youngsters out on loan. Sinclair, Sahar, Alicides, Rajkovic, Mancienne amongst others. They may be gaining valuable first team experience, but sooner or later we will have to make a decision wether to sell or keep them at the club.

    So, basically the sooner Sidwell Fecks off the sooner we’ll see the chelsea stars of the future getting their chance to shine

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