Arsenal’s Fabregas Set To Miss Out On Villa Dream?

If there’s one player who’s added a few quid to his value already in Euro 2008, it has to be David Villa after Spain’s 4-1 win against Russia. He was head and shoulders above Torres, bagged a hat-trick and subsequently stands as hot favourite to take the Golden Boot home from the tournament.

Surprisingly, Villa is up for sale this summer, with Valencia in dire financial straits and although Chelsea, Real Madrid and Barcelona had all been linked to a £25million move for the Spaniard, according to his agent Barca and Real have already put bids of £28million on the table. But whilst I’m sure Roman can stretch to that if he really wants to, I’d be less convinced that another interested party will be getting what he wants at the end of the Euros.

Arsenal’s Cesc Fabregas, who reckons Villa could do even better than team-mate Fernando Torres in the Premier League, wants to see the striker at the Emirates. Fabregas says “He is an amazing player, just tremendous. He has mobility, he scores goals and is brave. He can do well on the shoulder of defenders getting in behind, or just in front of them when the ball is played to his feet. He would do amazing in the English League. I would love to have him at Arsenal.”

Now whilst Villa is already rumoured to have suggested earlier this year that if he came to the Premier League, Arsenal’s style of football would attract him, you’d have to assume Arsenal’s wage structure wouldn’t even accommodate Villa’s big toe. So whilst Cesc continues to drool “I would love to have him in my team because you can see the difference he makes,” in the hope that Wenger’s listening, it’s highly unlikely his wishes will be coming true any time soon.


What’s Liverpool’s Torres Sulking About?

Spain looked really up for it in their game against Russia and whether they’ll be able to keep that up or burn themselves out remains to be seen. Spanish coach Luis Aragones was certainly a happy man afterwards, crowing “The atmosphere in the squad is extraordinary and we’ve instilled into them from the first moment that those who don’t play are as important as those who do.” Nice idea mate, but it looks as if at least one of Spain’s players missed the point.

After being subbed during the 4-1 win, to add ‘one more player in the midfield and try to keep a clean sheet’ according to Aragones, Fernando Torres clearly didn’t feel particularly important. Coming off the field in a blatant sulk, Torres noticeably ignored the boss’ outstretched arm, refusing to shake hands.

But whilst he might well have been instrumental in Spain’s opening goal, laying off a pass for Villa to make a start on his hat-trick, the Spanish coach has made it clear the Liverpool man’s petulant behaviour won’t be tolerated. Whilst the rest of us had a good laugh at his childish antics, Aragones warned “You can’t let these things happen. I understand the player gets angry and I am with Torres, but putting it right afterwards is important. A player must first be angry with himself.”

Angry about what though? Being subbed or not being Spain’s main man?