Are Arsenal Really Going To Spend Some Money?

I know it might seem like I’m a little obsessed with the goings on at Arsenal, but when a story in the press raises my eyebrows I can’t help but react to it, particularly when it comes to the topic of their spending. And before gooners everywhere jump in with a counter argument about the obscene amounts spent at Chelsea, find me a quote where I’ve ever said I agree with the sort of contracts we dish out.

The reason I tend to pick up on reports of Arsenal lashing out on players is because it’s clearly not going to happen. Whether Wenger actually has a significant budget each year or not remains to be seen, because he certainly doesn’t show signs of spending it. And yet, here we are again with yet another ‘story’ to suggest he’s going to break the habit of a lifetime.

If recent reports are to be believed (and excuse me if I remain sceptical here), Arsenal are keen to land a new defender with a price tag of around £16million. Now whether the Udinese defender warrants this sort of price tag or not, there’s no way Wenger’s going to go for it. And true to form, the Arsenal manager has made a more conservative offer of £9.5million for Cristian Zapata. Now whilst I appreciate there’s nothing wrong with a bit of bartering, I’d have to say your average stall holder wouldn’t fancy customers like the tight Frenchman down the market. Far from just being a tentative offer to test the waters, it’s so painfully shy of the asking price that the tides already gone out. So unsurprisingly, Udinese (after a good laugh no doubt) have turned the offer down flat.

And what about the 21-year old Colombian, rumoured to be one of the most highly rated defenders in Europe at the moment? How’s he going to feel about moving to a club where the boss wants him so badly he’s prepared to pay just over half his worth? Wouldn’t exactly inspire contract negotiations surely?

So is Wenger trying to siphon his budget off into some Swiss account or is this another case of the press having a laugh? One thing’s for sure though, David Villa’s got no chance of playing for them next season.

Will Scolari Bring Ronaldinho To Chelsea?

Funny how a transfer market is never a transfer market these days without us being linked to Ronaldinho and seemingly it must be about that time of year again because the Brazilian is rumoured to have issued a ‘come and get me’ plea to new-boss-on-the-block, Scolari.

Having apparently spent weeks negotiating a contract he was expected to sign with Man City, there’s more than a touch of the deja vu’s about this one, with Ronaldinho now seeking a move to Stamford Bridge. And whilst I know we’ve heard this old chestnut on more than the odd occasion and I’d generally take anything The Sun says with a large pile of salt, this time it appears to be the imminent arrival of Scolari that’s providing the extra incentive.

And the Brazilian must be well pleased to read in the papers that Scolari’s going to give him a bell to sound him out about a move. With a transfer fee in the region of £20million and a salary around £120,000 a week (until he hears about Lampard’s anyway), I’m sure it’ll put a smile on Roman’s face, given the length of time he’s been reported to want him at the Bridge.

But with Barcelona quite keen to offload him after a dodgy season and a career that’s in dire need of resurrecting is the Premier League – and more to the point, Chelsea – really the place to do it, or could Scolari be taking a huge risk?