United, Liverpool, Chelsea: Who’ll Get Van Der Vaart?

With the Dutch taking a surprise early exit from the Euros, all eyes are rumoured to have turned to Rafael van der Vaart, who’d suggested any possible moves would be discussed after his Euro 2008 campaign finished.

The 25 year old, has been with Hamburg since 2005 and having scored 29 goals in his 76 appearances for the club now wants to develop his career at a high profile club.  And with 3 of the top 4 Premier League clubs reported to be interested in the central midfielder, it looks like he can take his pick.

With Chelsea and Manchester United capable of stumping up the £15million Hamburg will ask for him and even Liverpool talking the talk, it looks like the choice is up to him.  But given the choice of the three, which one will appeal to him more?

Starting with Liverpool, they might have expressed an interest but that could be as far as it goes if they can’t get their act together in time for any possible bid. Rafa’s not having much fun in the transfer market so far, with Xabi Alonso’s move yet to happen, likewise the signing of Gareth Barry. Still, it’s not as if Kewell’s departure has left much of a gap to fill anyway. Personally though, I can’t see Van der Vaart hanging around while the books are balanced.

On to Chelsea though, and we’d have no such nonsense to wade through before putting in an offer and with Lampard potentially leaving the club he ‘loves’ for a move to a manager he maybe loves more, the Dutchman could be an ideal replacement. However, with Van der Vaart looking to further his career and Scolari laying down his own brand of law in the press, would the midfielder take the risk of coming to a side already tighter than Wenger’s wallet when in comes to getting regular games?

So what about United? With the possible departure of Ronaldo this summer, they could be looking to bring in some more potential. Money would be no object , in fact, £15million wouldn’t put much of a dent in the world record fee they’re likely to get for the Portuguese hit-man. Add to that their Champions status both domestically and in Europe, and I can’t see him thinking much further than the red side of Manchester.

One we’ll lose out on maybe?