Could Roman Bring Arshavin To Chelsea?

There’s always someone who catches the eye in the big tournaments and Euro 2008 has been no exception. After some pretty impressive displays for Russia, the man with an unfortunate name has got several Premier League clubs sitting up to take notice. 27 year old midfielder Andrei Arshavin, rumoured to be ready for a move from current club Zenit has put in the sort of performances that’ve made him one of the Euros brightest stars.

Arshavin’s introduction to the Russian team, following his brief suspension at the start, saw them transformed into a side posing a much greater attacking threat. His intelligence and ability to read the game, quick feet and skill on the ball have seen comparisons drawn with Bergkamp which aren’t far off the mark. And when Hiddink, who’s managed the likes of PSV, Valencia and Real Madrid, hails Arshavin as the ‘cleverest player’ he’s ever managed, that’s praise indeed.

Little wonder then that he’s attracted a host of admirers from England and even less surprising is that his greatest fan in the Premier League is said to be Abramovich. However, Roman could find that this is one player even his millions won’t sway. A superstar in his own country and earning what must equate to a substantial amount at Zenit already, Arshavin wouldn’t be in any great hurry to leave following their domestic and European success, and can afford to pick and choose. And according to recent reports, that’s exactly what he plans to do. Despite offers from both English and German clubs, the Russian playmaker appears to be holding out for offers from the Primera Liga. But despite reported interest from Barcelona, Arshavin confirmed there’s no offers yet.

Maybe they’re waiting for us to take Deco off their hands first?


9 Responses

  1. please bring arshavin he is better then kaka, forget robinho and eto’o

  2. Yea, Roman has the connections & financial muscle to bring Arshavin to Stamford. Let’s forget the likes of Kaka, Ronny etc.

  3. @ lee: arshavin is NOT anywhere near as good as kaka.

  4. Arshavin wants to join a proper club with a proper stadium, and one committed to playing beautiful football . So its either Barcelona or Arsenal. Why does he want to play alongside a bunch of aging mercenaries on a pig sty of a pitch, surrounded by portakabin stands, round the back of Bates Motel. Any of you who think differently need your head examined.

  5. Steve, which bit of “Kaka is not joining you” don t you understand?

  6. alan – why exactly would he want to join Arsenal, because you’ve got the Emirates? hardly compares to the Nou camp does it? Don’t flatter yourself by believing you’re in the running.

  7. We re not. Was being a bit mischievous. I suspect Abramovich could wing some cash to him offshore that might distract his focus from relative merits of different stadia. Truth is Arsenal is the place where his football would excel most, but I really cant be assed to spend the last 3 of his 4 year contract dealing with the Calderons and Barca guy, and a player who is clearly fixated on playing for Barca. Give me Theo any day!
    I have been in a crowd of 2000 Gooners that completely outsun 90000 Catalans in Nou Camp. Ditto Bernabau.Tell me a Russian who did well here. Maybe Smirtin was the best

  8. At least our stadium is done ,and its more than half decent, with a pitch fit for bowls. And we don t have to move to the M4 corridor, or as far as Swindon, to build a decent stadium.
    Abramovich claims he did not buy Arsenal because he could not be bothered to deal with the stadium issue.
    Must be regretting that now. Some say that the anti semitic contingent there could tip him into bidding for Arsenal or Spurs if the opportunity arose.
    Fact is he must get a lot more pleasure out of that £30m painting he bought than he has out of Shev ,and it does not cost him another £120k a week , nor does it depreciate 30% a year

  9. No amount of Romans millions would persuade Arshavin to Chelsea and actually you’re right, whats the point him going anywhere else when they’d be pestered by Barca every summer anyway? As for our stadium, each to their own, I see no point in Chelsea expanding if they’re not going to fill it anyway.

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