Will Rafa Get The Cash At Liverpool?

With the dust not even settled after a (trophy-less) year of in-fighting at Anfield, Rafa’s rumoured to be ready to re-ignite the fireworks. Because after spending a few million last season, he’s obviously got a taste for it and recent reports suggest he’s just put in a request for £50million spending money this time round.

Having brought Torres to Liverpool last summer, this time the Spaniard wants to add David Villa and David Silva whilst still trying to persuade Martin O’Neill to accept bids for Gareth Barry. Sadly for Rafa though, he’s so far been unable to offload Alonso, Crouch and Carson and raise any funds himself, although with him holding out for amounts like the £12million he wants for Crouch it’s hardly surprising. So whether he’ll get any or all of the three on his wish-list remains to be seen. Still, at least we know he’s got a sense of humour.

Out of interest was Rafa being quick to dismiss these reports as ‘ridiculous’, yet notably, it only appeared to be a move for Dani Alves Benitez actually ruled out. But then, with last year’s outburst over transfer restrictions nearly costing him his job, maybe he’s just playing it safe?

Benitez insists he’ll be challenging for the title next season – then again he always pays lip-service to that – but while Hicks is promising some kind of kitty, getting Gillett to agree might be a different ball game altogether, unless of course he believes the line we’re fed every season – that this will be Liverpool’s year?