Chelsea Departures Begin

\"sidwell villa\"Like many Chelsea supporters, I never really understood the signing of Steve Sidwell. Not that I didn’t have complete faith in Mourinho at the time. Whilst raising my eyebrows, I felt sure he must’ve known what he was doing – he was TSO after all. Now though, a year on, I’m still none the wiser.

Having joined us on a free transfer last July, the ex-Arsenal and Reading man assured us he had not come to Chelsea simply to “make up the numbers” and yet it appears that’s exactly what he’s done. Granted, he had limited opportunities in an over populated Chelsea midfield, although even during the depletion of that midfield through ACON and injuries, we saw very little of him. But then to be fair, the brief appearances he did make did nothing to suggest this should be any different. Let’s be honest, Steve Sidwell was never going to look at home at Chelsea. And so, having finally given up hope of playing alongside the likes of Essien, Ballack and co on a regular basis, Sidwell’s signed a 3 year deal with Aston Villa.

Now whatever reason Mourinho had for signing him, it clearly didn’t do Sidwell any favours, with his spell at Chelsea looking no more than a career break. Sidwell himself, despite recent reports of ‘pay off’ demands, doesn’t appear to hold any malice. Following his signing for Villa, the midfielder described his time at Chelsea as “short but sweet” but then how else would you describe earning £65,000 a week for a year with your feet up?

So, having made Chelsea a tidy £5million profit and with his own salary more than halved, today Sidwell pulled on a Villa shirt whilst smiling for the press. Whether the kiss-and-tell story is yet to come, I guess we’ll find out in the coming days but for today at least, Sidwell was expressing no regrets at having his career interrupted as a result of listening to whatever promises TSO made him last July. And with Villa manager Martin O’Neill firmly of the opinion that Sidwell has “the right quality to take Aston Villa forward”, it looks as if next season will see Sidwell having to earn his money by once again playing regular first team football. Good luck to him.


4 Responses

  1. He didnt realy do anything for anyone to have an opinion on him footballing wise, but since he made us a 5m profit ( dont hear thaty often) I wish him well.

    So much for the ginger ronaldinho…… lol

  2. I don’t believe he made us a 5m profit… considering the wage he was getting plus the cost of accommodating a player like training and all…. So a lose nonetheless.

  3. I think TSO bought in him and Ben Hiam on free tranfers in a fit of pique because RA wouldn’t give him any funds to buy more players and he felt he needed cover of some kind.

    Not good enough for us but wish the lad well and I think he will do AV ok

  4. We got him for nothing and sold him for 5million……thats a profit in my book.

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