Does Lampard Want Anything Chelsea Have To Offer?

With the dispute between Frank Lampard and Chelsea now threatening to become a bloody battle I was amazed to see supporters outside Stamford Bridge yesterday, virtually begging the player to stay via SkySports reporters.

Don’t get me wrong, I never really wanted Lampard to leave and in an ideal world we wouldn’t even be in the position of losing our most influential midfielder to his ex-boss but then, in an ideal world, a player who publicly declares his love for a club wouldn’t take two years to sign a new contract. But then, this isn’t an ideal world, this is Frank Lampard’s world where that ‘commitment’ to the club he professes to love clearly comes with an unrealistically high price tag. But whilst there are many supporters out there demanding Chelsea ‘pay the man what he wants’ in order to keep him, I have to agree with the club’s stance over this one.

Frank’s said to feel “totally let down” by the club, who have ‘adopted the hard line’ by offering him a measly £140,000 a week for four years, when what he actually wants is £150,000 a week for five years. Now that extra £10,000 a week and another year might not seem worth losing a player over but to be fair to Chelsea, having always maintained they wanted Lampard to stay, they’ve put their money where their mouths are and the deal is on the table, it’s Lampard who’s choosing not to sign. What’s not clear though is why? How can any 30 year old playing in a team that challenges for the top honours on a yearly basis, seriously turn his nose up at a deal worth £140,000 for four years? Inter aren’t looking to offer him longer than four years either, so what’s his point?

Frank Lampard has made a huge contribution to Chelsea, that’s indisputable, but Chelsea, in turn, have made just as significant a contribution to his career. When we picked him up, he was an average player in West Ham’s midfield – and not a particularly popular one either – and Chelsea made him into the player he is today. He’s been more than looked after by Chelsea, he’s had the benefit of playing alongside some of the best players to grace the Premier League, he’s been supported wholeheartedly by both the club and the fans, not to mention defended after every international, he’s earnt a lot more than he would have anywhere else and as a result, both his football and his ego have flourished. In fact, if Lampard hadn’t come to Chelsea, Inter wouldn’t be touching him with a barge pole right now. The proof is there in his performances every time he pulls on an England shirt. Take Lampard out of the Chelsea shirt and out of the Chelsea side and he reverts to the same average midfielder he was at West Ham. (Of course, the same could be said for any of the England midfield because none of them transfer their club form to internationals, and I’d probably agree. Would Gerrard be the same player if he was taken out of his comfort zone and put in someone else’s midfield? I’d tend to think not, but then that’s not something we’re ever likely to find out). And yet, while the speculation continues, Lampard himself is keeping very quiet, having apparently forgotten the love he feels for the club that has given him every opportunity your average midfielder could possibly ask for in a career.

Of course, if he’s really that desperate to join Mourinho, Lampard could always force the issue and buy out the final year of his contract, but he won’t, because it’s taken him two years to manoeuvre himself into this position and he’s not going to make himself the villain now. Then again, he could always risk Chelsea’s alternative offer to stay and leave on a free transfer next summer once he’s run his contract down. I guess it depends how eager he is for this ‘new challenge’ and what exactly Jose’s offered him if that happens. Would he still get the same deal from Inter next season?

One thing’s for sure though, if Lampard does make the move to Italy, it could end up costing him a lot more than money. He won’t be afforded the same sort of status in Serie A as he’s enjoyed in the Premier League. He certainly won’t be hailed as ‘Mr Inter’ and any average performances would very soon be found out by the much less forgiving Italians. When he comes back from his internationals (assuming he can still get a game for England that is), he certainly won’t be returning to supporters prepared to repair his wounded ego. I for one, have lost count of the times I’ve argued against him being a mercenary in it for his own gratification only to now find myself in a position where that argument holds as much water as a sieve.

Personally, I’d quite like to see Chelsea call his bluff and offer him exactly what he’s asking for – just to see his reaction. Because the longer this drags on, the more it appears Frank Lampard, the very same Frank Lampard who promised to see out his career at the club he ‘loves’ so much, doesn’t actually want anything Chelsea have to offer.




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  1. Well said mate. Lampard is an average player even today. Essien and other midfielders are doing the donkey work for him to score goals. If chelsea are going to change their style of play then Lampard has to go. For those who doubt me, lookj at his performance for england. Chelsea played better last season without lampard. I would like to see the back of this overrated player. He is not worth even 100K a week. Let him go to Italy and he will soon realise why no english player has succeeded overseas. He wanted to leave ages ago so let his dream come true.


  2. Could not agree more. What really surprises me in all this is this seems so out of character for the player we have watched for the past seven years, who i felt would be one of the last to adopt these hardball tactics, Drogba yes,Lampard no.

    I just hope his dad and uncle ‘arry has a word with him to talk some sense into him. I would have thought given the recent tragedy his family went through, he would have wanted to stay close to his father instead of putting himself first.

    Even if he stays i feel he has damaged his reputation among blues fans after this, particularly after all the badge kissing which he is so fond of demonstrating.

    I suppose you should never be surprised in football, but it’s about time he went public and opened his mouth and said what is plans are

  3. Good article – spot on. Lampard has been a great player for Chelsea but his out and out greed will taint my opinion of him forever. Everyone seems to have forgotten when he first joined it took a while to win people over – subsequently he turned out to be a fantastic player, but was helped hugely by being surrounded by other brilliant midfielders. A lot of Chelsea players are, like Frank, on a LOT of money and actually want to play for the club (JOE COLE, JT, ESSIEN etc) – let’s stick with them and see where we get.

  4. Good article…

    Please correct me if I’m wrong but wouldn’t 140k per week make him the top earning player for Chelsea?

    Also, what other players in the EPL make around 140k?

  5. great points made here, great blog

  6. Very good article. I think the club should make him take the decision instead of allowing him playing victim. In fact, club said that he is wanted and the offer is there. If Frank does not take it, don’t blame the club…

    I personally wish he goes…

  7. Keep em coming Denise.

    TBH, while reading through this something came to mind.

    What Jose said on 1st July………..


    “This season? I don’t think so,” Mourinho told Portuguese TV channel TVI.

    “Why won’t he? Well, it’s not because we don’t want him to, but I’m sure Chelsea and Chelsea’s officials don’t want to sell him.

    “However, for the next season it will be easier for him to join me at Inter.

    “I’m 100 per cent sure in 2009/2010 he will be playing here.”


    Dunno about you, but I get the feeling Lampard will run his contract down and fuck off to Inter next summer.

  8. I have accepted that Lampard is going to move on and to be honest I am not that bothered if he does. If he was really committed to Chelsea he would bit their hands off for a four year deal at 30-years-old. Will be interested to see how he fairs in Italy should he go there.

  9. Players who join you for money will leave you for money. Welcome to the world of Chelsea!
    But face it, no one at Chelsea can stand the idea of The Special One coming back to beat you in CL with Lamps, Drogba and maybe Carvalho

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