Lampard’s Training Ground Sulk: In Pictures

You want out eh Frank?

"You want out eh Frank?"

get over there with all your supporters and have a think about it
“get over there with all your supporters and have a think about it”
what supporters?
“what supporters?”
no point sulking now Frankie, the airports that way
“no point sulking now Frankie, the airport’s that way”
get off my toe then and Ill go
“get off my toe then and I’ll go”

And still the ruthless new Chelsea boss isn’t finished:

tell your dad youre out next son
“tell your dad you’re out next son”



11 Responses

  1. You’re being as stupid and childish as the paper that published these photos – all the photos show is a man listening to a coach – the captions are all in the writers imagination – according to Jose, Lampard was the most professional player he ever coached, that should count for something with you – if you want loyalty from players show a bit of it yourself and don’t be so quick to jump on the anti chelsea bandwagon which the media delight in –
    As for Lampard’s contract talks, no one knows what’s goiing on certainly not the newspapers – after all they were saying bridge was leaving 24 hours before he signed a new contract – don’t be so nieve as to believe anything the papers write about anything to do with the mighty blues.
    in truth i’m more concerned that big Phil is using training techniques years out of date and forcing the players to run miles and do laps and all that sort of boring tedious and unproductive training – Jose always got the players fit with ball work. This is what modern coaches do and it is strange and slightly disturbing that Big Phil doesn’t seem to know about that approach.

  2. Buddha9 – lighten up! It’s a bit of fun amid all the doom and gloom surrounding the whole Lampard farce – because that’s exactly what the player himself has allowed this to turn into. If he’d come straight out at the end of last season and made his intentions clear, then fair enough, but he’s chosen to sit back and let his agent spout constant rubbish. Why on earth would I be on an ‘anti Chelsea bandwagon’ just because I’m an honest enough Chelsea supporter to admit one of our players is a dick? I can’t really comment on Scolari’s training techniques though, I didn’t attend the session, sorry.

  3. Why don’t you shut up.You probably don’t even understand what frank is going through right.I really do think he will end up leaving our club but atleast he’ll be happy.We’ll miss you Frank,good luck

  4. cfc.08 – you’re absolutely right, I’ve no idea how devastating it must be to only be offered £140,000 a week to do the job I ‘loved’ for the next four years. Tragic.

  5. Those pictures are funny :).

    In the 5th picture look at Anelka’s hair. Liking the new hair style.

  6. as much as i love dear chels, it pains me to see a stalwart like frankie leave. imagine if he next said he declared himself an italian citizen and would play for team italy instead of us in all internationals. that is how i see it, a bit of turncoat. i can’t wish him good luck, because i see him only in the blue.

  7. Hi all, I have to say I like the joke and Anelka’s hairstyle. How someone called Buddha can live without a sense of humour beats me. The lady is right. Lighten up. As for the rest of the comments I’m not sure what planet I’m living on. Frank always made his intentions clear – its Chelsea all the way – clever Jose has simply stirred up trouble on the back of Kenyon’s mishandling (again). I’m with Frank, whatever he decides I’ll always think well of him.

  8. No lip Fat Frank can go he’s overrated and he knows it. How long ago was Fat Frank saying he’s going to sign a deal?? i remember after the FA Cup final against man utd he said ‘ i wanna be here, these are my people(fans). Chatting out of his arse!! He don’t want to stay at chelsea because he knows Deco and co will outshine him and he doesn’t want to fight for a place. You’ve never per Let him go to Inter Milan and suck mourinho’s d**k!! JT is Chelsea through and through and deserves £130k you are not even chelsea through and through!! Fat Greedy Frank!!!

  9. Buddha9 – If you’re such an expert on training techniques, did it not cross your mind the reason for doing laps and all the other boring stuff is to see what sort of state each players fitness levels were at after spending a while away from Chelsea?

    He needs to assess each player individually. I take it you didnt see the pictures from his first day in charge when he spent time with each player on training equipment at Cobham, also assessing their fitness levels ?

    Course you didnt. I was one of those who defended Lampard over the recent weeks, but as this drags on my patience is gradually draining away.

    Fact is a 140K offer is on the table. Whats the fucking problem?. Inter have offered less for the same duration.

  10. I missed Anelka’s hair the first time. Well spotted, it’s hilarious.

    As for Frank, I think let down and disappointed are my feelings after all his outpourings of staying at the club for life. I haven’t got a problem with him wanting to take on a new challenge in a different league, but why couldn’t he just come out at say it.

    It looks like he has held off signing a new contract for sometime now, whilst waiting to see where Jose went and then tried to engineer it to look like the club left him with no option but to leave.

    I am struggling to see what the difference is between Frank’s situation and the Gallas departure, as Willie never professed undying love for the club and definetly was never paid anything close to Frank’s wages.

  11. I’m not sure how much you can read into these pics, if anything. Perhaps he’s joined the sulkers by standing next to Anelka with his arms crossed, lol

    And the comment about Lampard giving himself Italian citizenship and playing for Italy – LMAO (it was either LMAO or an insult)

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