Drogba To Sign New Contract?

Is it me or does Didier Drogba have trouble counting? When it comes to sorting out a new contract, he’s about as reliable as Frank Lampard it would seem because the ten days have come and gone and still nothing.

However, after the cryptic 50:50 talk from his agent last week, L’Equipe now inform us the Ivorian’s feet might just have stopped itching. And with him now feeling sufficiently ‘settled’ under Scolari, Drogba’s rumoured to be ready to enter into talks. Very big of him considering his contract doesn’t run out until 2010 anyway, but we must be grateful eh?

Kenyon meanwhile continues to say whatever he’s told to the press and assures us “There is no question that any deal will be done with regards to Didier. Didier is in rehab and will continue to be a Chelsea player. I think we can squash that one.”

Oh well, that’s us convinced then……….


One Response

  1. “Didier is in rehab..” Strange comment from Kenyon there!
    I have to say I groaned when I heard he was probably staying – expect lots more negative Chelsea press next season and for as long as he’s around really.

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