Chelsea: How Special Is This New 3rd Kit?

The new replica Chelsea 3rd kit goes on sale August 28th

Another yellow one, but slightly less fluorescent than the last (although Cech’s vibrant orange more than makes up for it).

Still, the new shirt – yet another technological masterpiece – gives us:

ForMotion(tm) technology which allows complete freedom of movement – never again will Drogba feel restricted to staying on his feet:-

Radical cuts and 3D designs follow the shape of your body to increase comfort and improve performanceso no more embarrassing discomfort experienced on the pitch:-

ClimaCool(tm) technology ensures body vapour is pushed out so the sweat, as moisture, doesn’t form. So you stay dry, comfortable and performing at your peak – Even the need for tissues will become a thing of the past.

Technology today eh?

Stockist – 0870 2404 204
RRP £40 shirt



One Response

  1. The yellow kit is ugly. I liked the flourescent yellow kit more. When is the 3rd kit actually used?

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