Real To Accept Robinho Offer?

The Cristiano Ronaldo saga may have come to a satisfactory end for Manchester United this summer but that doesn’t mean Real Madrid are out of the headlines. Having shown the world the low’s they’re prepared to sink to, to remain “the most important club in the world”, either with their relentless pursuit of other club’s players or their total hypocrisy in the face of their biggest supporter’s public rantings, Real will probably drag the last remaining summer transfer saga out until they’ve squeezed as many column inches out of it as possible.

The Spanish club made no secret of the fact that despite Robinho not being held in particularly high regard, they planned to hold onto him until they found somebody better. Cristiano Ronaldo was top of their hit list but having failed to land the Portuguese goal machine, they elected to sign Rafael van der Vaart. This again puts the Brazilian further down the pecking order, but despite the player’s unhappiness at being used throughout the summer as little more than a pawn in their game plan, the club have attempted to offer him an improved five year deal.  

Of course Real are all too aware of Chelsea’s desire to sign him in a deal which would double his current wages, and indeed, received an offer of £19.7million for the midfielder yesterday. However, it appears that after a summer during which Real Madrid’s representatives have been unable to shut up, when it comes to facing up to their own players wanting to leave, it’s all gone very quiet in the Spanish capital.

Obviously Robinho, who has remained in limbo for weeks, isn’t particularly impressed with his current employers and his agent, Wagner Ribeiro suggests “Robinho is very angry with the way the Madrid bosses are dealing with him. He calls me every day to know whether anyone has spoken to me about his future and I always have to tell him that no-one has called. I have been trying to speak with someone from the club for three days. Robinho does not understand what is going on. His ambition is to become the best player in the world but he won’t achieve that at Madrid because they treat him like a normal player.”

So, according to today’s press reports, having spent the best part of the summer trying to persuade Manchester United’s Cristiano Ronaldo to go on strike in order to force a move to the Spanish capital, it looks as if the table’s could be about to turn with one of their own players ready to employ the same tactic on them.

What goes around comes around?


Will Lampard Follow Ronaldo’s Example?

Cristiano Ronaldo has finally put an end to a summer of speculation regarding any possible move. Well, for this particular summer anyway.

Although it’s clear from everything he’s said and done since the end of last season that he’ll be playing in the white of Real Madrid at some point in his career, for next season at least, he’ll be a Manchester United player.

United manager, SAF, who’s apparent sixth sense has enabled him to remain pretty calm over the whole affair, probably didn’t bat as much as an eyelid to hear Ronaldo say Sir Alex Ferguson heard my reasons, I heard his and we have an agreement that the best for both parties would be if I stay. Therefore, I can confirm that next season I will play in Manchester United.”

However, in a very bold move – and one which I have my suspicions may even have been ordered by his boss in the first place – Ronaldo has accepted full responsibility for the saga which has taken the shine off what should have been a summer of celebration for everyone involved with the club.

In a statement yesterday, Ronaldo said “I was responsible for all this controversy, I was the one who publicly expressed my desire to go to Real Madrid. I ended up being, even involuntarily, responsible for the poor relationship between the two clubs. I knew Real Madrid were interested in signing me and that they had allegedly made a very high offer to Manchester United. My desire was, for some time, that Manchester had accepted my transfer to Madrid. Saying otherwise would be to trick people and my own consciousness.”

So, having kept everyone at United guessing all summer whilst openly flirting with the Spanish club, what sort of reception can Ronaldo expect at Old Trafford in the coming season? What happens if he returns from injury less than 100%, will that be perceived as a lack of focus and be dealt with accordingly? Well, I suspect it might have done in the absence of his admission.

But whilst some might regard his statement as professional suicide, the more realistic supporter, who has expected honesty rather than loyalty from Ronaldo will just be grateful to get another year out of him while the club has enough advanced warning to scout for replacements.

Definitely looks like Fergie’s handiwork to me.

And speaking of our opposition manager, he must be feeling pretty satisfied right now, not just because the summer of speculation has come to an end but also because the latest news seems to be that Wayne Rooney’s recovery is a lot swifter than expected and he might now be ready United’s season opener at home to Newcastle.

What are the chances of Lampard making a statement and Drogba getting back for our first game I wonder?!