A Tempting Offer For Joe Cole?

Every now and then, amid all the ridiculous, but pretty much expected transfer speculation, there’ll be one that just makes you laugh. Well, yesterday’s papers saw just that, with the ‘scoop’ that Aston Villa are planning to ‘lure’ Joe Cole from Chelsea.

Apparently, Villa have been monitoring the ‘Robinho to Chelsea’ saga all summer with the intention of putting in a £17.5million bid for Cole should Real Madrid allow their Brazilian playmaker to leave the Spanish capital.

The suggestion is that Cole, apparently a victim of our massive squad last season, would relish the chance of safeguarding his England place by getting regular first team football at Villa now that he’s surplus to requirements at Chelsea – although I’m sure that is the real ‘news’ to Scolari.

But there you have it. Our 26 year old Player of the Year last season, who incidentally still has a couple of years left on the contract I’ve no doubt Chelsea plan to extend, is to be tempted to Aston Villa. I wonder if anyone’s told O’Neill yet?

My guess is they were either desperate to fill column inches this weekend or one of the journo’s developed a sense of humour. Yeh, yeh, I know, the chances of the latter happening really is far fetched!


Kaka To Chelsea Deal On?

So, whilst still hanging around waiting for Real Madrid to play ball over Robinho, Chelsea are preparing to pull off the signing of the season. Yep, they’ve finally decided it’s time to bring in a real showpiece player and are all ready to sign Kaka.

I know, I know, we’ve heard it all before but let’s just play along and humour The Observer because they seem to know a lot more than the rest of the footballing world these days. I mean, it was them that broke the story weeks ago after all. In that exclusive, which was duly rubbished, we were on the verge of signing the Brazilian in a world record transfer. Now though, the player himself, who hasn’t actually uttered a word about it, is said to ‘believe that a transfer to Chelsea remains a strong possibility and that he could be a Premier League player before the end of this month.’ Isn’t the power to read the mind just wonderful?

Anyway, according to our telepathic friends at The Observer, ‘Chelsea have made a £78million offer ‘ for Kaka, and again without opening his mouth, Kaka has confirmed he ‘would be prepared to move to London if his club, Milan, accept it.’ I wouldn’t mind betting The Observer could even tell us whereabouts that address in London is with a little help from ‘a source’ at the local estate agents as well.

Anyway, Kaka hasn’t actually requested a transfer, he’s got a contract with AC Milan until 2012 and he’s previously been quoted as saying if he came to the Premier League, his preference would be to play for Manchester United. So, what exactly have The Observer got to go on then? The fact that a move to Chelsea would mean the player would get the Champions League football Milan have denied him this season? Or maybe they’re going on the recent rumours of Kaka’s annoyance with Milan for preventing him from representing Brazil at the Olympics – despite the fact he’s had knee surgery during the close-season anyway (another source of discontent between the player and club doctors incidentally)? Well, it’s neither of the above apparently because the ‘proof’, is the word of the player’s personal assistant.

You see, this time around, Kaka’s personal assistant, Diogo Kotscho is alleged to have claimed “I spoke with Kaka yesterday. We know that the clubs are talking about the transfer, although they have not reached a conclusion yet.” He then goes on to suggest “I think an August transfer is still a possibility, though Kaka will only talk about that when they do a deal. He is waiting for a deal and then he will start to negotiate with Chelsea.”

Ok, so that all sounds very positive, but what do Chelsea have to say on the subject of spending all this money on one player? Well, as far as Kaka is concerned, a Chelsea spokesman has said “The club’s position remains unchanged. Milan have said that the player is not for sale, so we are not in negotiations with them.” Ah, now that’s where it gets confusing, because Diogo Kotscho is clearly quoted as saying “Normally, Milan do not sell their best players. We think they like the proposal, but it is not so easy for them to accept it. For now we must just wait and see.”

I wonder if there’s the tiniest possibility the wires of telepathy have become a little crossed at The Observer?