Shevchenko’s Experience Better Than Chelsea’s?

Finally, Andriy Shevchenko’s ‘nightmare’ is nearing it’s end, with the news that the on-off move to AC Milan, is not only on again but appears to be just about complete.

In a statement on the club’s official website Saturday it was announced “Chelsea FC have agreed terms for Andriy Shevchenko to return to AC Milan. Details of the agreement will remain confidential. The move is subject to a successful medical.”

Sheva’s had a pretty rotten time of it since his arrival from the San Siro in 2006. His £30million price tag was always going to be hard to live up to, and that was made even harder with limited appearances amid rumours that his boss at the time didn’t even want him. But, as avidly as I’ve supported the effort he’s made, going many rounds verbally in the process, even I’m forced to concede that 9 goals in 47 appearances isn’t a sufficient enough return on the investment to keep him.

Shevchenko is now onto his third manager in 2 years at Chelsea and the Ukrainian doesn’t appear to have figured in the plans of any of them. And whilst several key players at Chelsea have also taken time to settle into the Premier League it would seem that even if Shevchenko was accommodated in the same way, it’s probably a bit too late in the day now. The smile he arrived with was wiped away a long time ago together with the confidence of being a Serie A star, and if he has any hope of resurrecting his career then a return to AC Milan could be the answer.

Shevchenko almost saw that avenue closed earlier in the week, with talks between Chelsea and AC Milan reaching a stalemate. Because with Chelsea paying such a high fee for the striker in the first place, his lack of fruition in the Premier League and inflated wages were always going to see the club lose a substantial amount of money in his departure. So, whilst Chelsea sought a permanent solution to this financial dilemma, the Italian club were after the cheaper option of a subsidised loan deal.

However, amid hints of ‘financial sacrifices’ on the player’s part, Galliani told Milan Channel “After a series of frantic phone calls during the day today, we have reached an agreement with Chelsea. Andriy returns to the Rossoneri, tomorrow (Sunday) he will be in Milan, Monday he will undergo a medical, then he will sign a contract and from Tuesday he will be available to Carlo Ancelotti.” Galliani added “We succeeded in bringing home the player who in the last 50 years has scored the most goals in our shirt. President Berlusconi and I am happy, as is our coach and I believe also our players. Andriy has returned home and I am happy about it. I am a Milan fan and I am very happy. Andriy made a mistake in leaving and I believe that in the past two years he has realised that this is his home.”

Also speaking on Milan Channel following the announcement, Shevchenko himself stated “I am so happy. I had been hoping to return for some time and yesterday already imagined this negotiation could reach a positive conclusion. For me this is like winning the Champions League.”

Well, obviously we wouldn’t know about that at Chelsea but I’ve no doubt we wish him all the best on his return to the San Siro.


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  1. This divorce should have come ages ago. Sheva never fit in at Chelsea. Good for him–and good for Chelsea for cutting him loose.

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