Joe Cole More Realistic Than Kenyon

With the wounds from last season’s Champions League still healing (or even festering in some cases), we now know what we’ve got to face in this season’s campaign – and it’s been fairly kind to us you’d have to say.

Roma will no doubt let us know we’ve been in a game, although if we can’t get past Bordeaux and new boys CFR Cluj, then we don’t really deserve to be there. But whilst I’ve no doubt Kenyon is already practicing his ascent as he climbs his own stairs in his pyjamas every night, our own Joe Cole is a little more realistic. Because, like a lot of us, Cole thinks we should concentrate on domestic matters first.

Cole says “The main thing is Chelsea win the league this season, that’s the priority for the club. The Premier League is the bread and butter, that’s the mark of a club and who you are. Anything can happen in the Champions League. In the Premier League, the best team over the course of a season wins it and we want to be that team this year.”

And of course he’s right, the Champions League is down to a lot of things – not necessarily merit – as Liverpool have previously proved. But it’s the Premier League that shows a club can consistently put in performances worthy of winning a title (hence Liverpool never turn up for that one).

On his own future at Chelsea, with the imminent arrival of Robinho, Cole remains positive and says “I’ve been here five years now and I’ve always played, even after we’ve brought in players for £20 or £30 million, world-class players.  I’ve always accepted the challenge, always took it on. It will just be another great challenge. He’s a great player, so it’s great for the squad.”

And fortunately, the 26 year old remains undeterred at the thought of having to continue to earn his place in the Chelsea side, dismissing any suggestions he could turn into next summer’s equivalent of the Frank Lampard saga, stating “I love Chelsea, I’ve got a contract here, I wouldn’t want to go play anywhere else. The club want me to stay, I’ve started the season well and still got my place with England.”

Spot on Joe.


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