Real Madrid To Go Back On Their Word?

Exactly how long ago was it that Real Madrid insisted they would never retain a player on the team against his wishes, was it really less than a week? Oh what short memories they have. Because following their inability to sign, first Cristiano Ronaldo and now both David Villa and Santi Cazorla, that appears to be exactly what they are doing.

Over a week ago, Robinho made it publicly clear he wanted to swap the Bernabeu for Stamford Bridge and after being included in last Sunday’s squad for the Supercopa second leg against Valencia, even though he didn’t play, faced the wrath of Real supporters. And yet, even after relations between the Brazilian and the Spanish club appear to have hit the point of no return, Real president, Ramon Calderon has seemingly put his foot down at the last minute, stating “Robinho is staying in Madrid and there is no possibility of going back on that.”

So what happened to Peter Kenyon’s assurances there’d be “no hitches” in getting Robinho, even if Real Madrid held it out for as long as they possibly could? Would the club have sold Shaun Wright-Phillips the next day if they hadn’t listened to Kenyon’s drivel? Because they certainly wouldn’t have sanctioned Robinho shirts being advertised on the official site if they’d seen this one coming.

Still, even if Scolari insists we’ll cope without Robinho, Peter Kenyon is reported to be staying in Madrid – until the deadline Monday if necessary – in order to get the player (and save his own backside no doubt). But it looks as if his excessive BS has only made the job twice as hard now, with Real clearly refusing to play ball.

So, with Real already having suggested they wouldn’t keep a player who doesn’t want to be there, and the player in question making it abundantly clear that this is indeed the case, do they just want to see Kenyon squirm after all his bragging led to their player’s shirt being paraded around by a club he hasn’t even signed for? Or is it more about Chelsea’s most recent offer falling about £5million short of their valuation? It’s not as if they need the money, although knowing Calderon, it’s more likely he doesn’t want to lose face by selling a player like Robinho when he’s failed on a number of big signings over the summer.

And where does all this leave Chelsea, and Robinho, with the transfer deadline fast approaching? Well, for a start, Robinho has been left out of the squad for Real Madrid’s opening Primera Liga game against Deportivo, although following his recent threats to leave the club if Robinho was sold, Real coach Bernd Schuster insists “This is my decision and not the club’s. I believe that this is the best thing. I have not spoken with the player, but I can say that he has not refused to travel with the squad. I maintain that Robinho is an important player and I want him to remain with us.”

But whilst we can’t read too much into his absence from this weekend’s game, Robinho himself continues to talk up a possible move, informing Globoesporte “I have a contract with Real Madrid now, but we are still negotiating with Chelsea. A lot of things are being published and they are not the truth. It is not true that I said that I was going to apologise to the press. We are working to seal my future, nothing else.”

Chelsea meanwhile, are reported to suggest Calderon’s stance comes as no surprise given Real’s apparent failings in the transfer market this summer, although a source from the club stated last night “We are still hopefully of getting a deal.”

Blind faith maybe?


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