Get Over It Wrighty

Well, we all pretty much expected Ian Wright’s opinion the minute SWP left Chelsea because basically the bloke loves the sound of his own voice. So, we shouldn’t have been too surprised to hear the ex-Arsenal man has even more to say following the influx of money to his son’s new club.

Always one to have a go at Chelsea whenever the chance presents itself, Wrighty says “Abramovich could get whoever he wanted but now City can just come in and say, ‘Excuse me, we want him. They can put the same money on the table and it’s a wake-up call to Chelsea because someone else has joined the party who can flex their muscles.” Funny, but I don’t remember Abramovich ‘flexing his muscles’ being too much of a problem when his son was offered a Chelsea contract to start with. In fact, as if to confirm that, he goes on “It does show that for a lot of players it is all about the money but if they come with the same quality and potential as Robinho, I can’t see the problem. A lot of players have joined Chelsea for precisely that reason and the fact they’re in the Champions League.” Good to see he recognises the ambition he’s brought his son up with at least.

On the subject of City’s new-found status as the richest club in football, the former Arsenal man says “I’m sure once City get to the point where they can offer that too (Champions League football), they’re going to attract even more star players. I think we’re seeing the beginnings of another Chelsea.”

Quite a surprise he’s so happy about Shauny being there then if that’s the case!


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