Ferguson has his say on Terry’s red card as Scolari admits ‘ positive surprise’

So, it seems that the FA are to look into Alex Ferguson’s comments surrounding John Terry’s red card being rescinded, enabling him to play against Manchester United at the weekend. Ferguson pointed the finger at referee’s chief Keith Hackett by saying that he ‘wouldn’t have done this for us’.

Two things strike me about this story before I even consider whether the FA were right to overturn the decision that saw Terry sent off against Manchester City. First of all, why are the FA ‘looking into’ such comments? What is there to look into? Ferguson made the comments – either they are punishable or they are not, they aren’t going to change. I suppose it is more to do with the FA wanting to categorically deny Ferguson’s claims that Hackett advised referee Mark Halsey to overturn the decision. Overall though, it’s all been exaggerated far too much. It wouldn’t have been mentioned half as much if it wasn’t Chelsea v Manchester United this weekend.

That leads me on to my next point – why does Ferguson feel the need to make any comments in the first place? What has it got to do with him exactly? The only thing he is doing with these comments is publically admitting that he is annoyed Terry is able to fact United this weekend. Not a word would have been said by Ferguson otherwise. I’d put a lot of my football betting money on that. It’s all about how things affect Manchester United for Ferguson, which is fair enough, but his opinion on a sending off during a game between Chelsea and Manchester City isn’t a valid one.

Like I said, far too much has been made of it. However, Ferguson knew that would be the case and that’s why I am questioning his thinking behind making the comments. Maybe he wanted to take the attention away from the fact Chelsea are flying high at the top of the table while Manchester United sit in 14th position?

Anyway, onto the red card itself. At the time I thought the wrong decision had been made and I am pleased the FA has recognised this. Terry was sent off for ‘serious foul play’ and there was no way this was the case. Most pundits, fans and managers seem extremely ‘surprised’ that Chelsea’s appeal was successful. However, this surprise will be a result of the FA using common sense when reviewing a dismissal – something they are not renowned for doing. Most people believed the decision was harsh on Terry, but not many believed he would win the appeal.

Like Scolari has said after hearing the result, the FA has finally recognised that referee’s do make mistakes and that they shouldn’t be ashamed that they do. The governing bodies have been far too protective over referees in the past and hopefully this decision will be the start of the FA being more realistic when considering appeals.

Most importantly though – does anyone know the football odds on Terry scoring the winner against Manchester United on Sunday? I’d like to hear what Mr Ferguson had to say about that.

Thomas Rooney – Freelance Sports Journalist



2 Responses

  1. Perfectly sensible article, although I think you could probably have jammed a couple more links to Betfair in there if you’d tried a little harder.

  2. It’s a dangerous precedent to start overturning referee decisions.


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