Mutu Continues To Play The Victim

You know, if I was random drug screened at work and found to have cocaine in my system, I would fully expect to have my contract terminated. I’m not sure I’d actually be sued although any outstanding money owed, like holiday pay for example, would have to be paid back – oh, and I’d certainly have my registration taken away.

Now when it comes to the footballing world, things work pretty similar. A player signs a contract, knows that random drug screens are expected to be clear if he’d like to continue playing for said club and also knows he’ll be taking a career break if it isn’t. So, they do get it slightly easier because after a spell out, they at least get to go back to the same line of work again – a line of work that allows them to earn copious amounts of money to powder their expensive noses again should they wish to do so.

However, according to Adrian Mutu, having been given a decent contract at Chelsea and failing to honour that contract by deciding it wasn’t nearly as exciting as a few nights out and half a ton of the old Bolivian Marching Powder, there shouldn’t be any need for recompense.

Mutu has fought every single ruling on the case so far – and lost – and as a result has seen the compensation rise every step of the way. From the minute he failed the test back in 2004, Mutu and his agent have refused to pay and unsurprisingly, as legal fees take their toll, at the last count FIFA’s award in Chelsea’s favour had risen to £13.8million.

And still Mutu continues to play the victim. With the reported support of two unions, Mutu is now whingeing “What’s happened to me is unjust and I’m going to fight for my rights.”

Mutu had time remaining on the contract he failed to fulfil with Chelsea and went on to play for Fiorentina, so what exactly is unjust about this? Or maybe I’m being too harsh and supporters should lash out their hard earned to watch uncommitted wannabe playboys not fulfilling their potential every week because they’re off their faces?

Your thoughts?


5 Responses

  1. I think you should leave the poor fucker alone. Kids make mistakes.

  2. Well Rob
    Good response,
    perhaps that’s why people like Mutu can think that it’s ok to earn money we would dream of, and then not have any responsibility, because of people like you, Great comment. Well thought out
    I take it you don’t have any responsibilities yourself , or if you do, we know what your answers are to them!!

  3. Rob – We all make mistakes but paying for them is the biggest factor in ensuring that we learn from them.

  4. God, you bitter, sad little men. What do Chelsea win? A load of money that they don’t need? What do they lose? Making themselves look vindictive by pursuing this kid through the courts.

    What do you care? It’s not your money. You jumped-up, puritanical, whining, judgmental twats. I hope you show your kids as much understanding when you find them getting stoned for the first time.

  5. Rob – Chelsea already lost money the minute they ended up with a player who’d rather shove coke up his nose than honour a contract. But this isn’t just about the money, the point is Mutu was in a very privileged position, he CHOSE to jeopardise that position and there are consequences. THAT’S the message I give my kids – actions have consequences, and you have to be prepared to live with them.

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