Ballack Joins Chelsea Casualty List After Surgery

Oh dear, looks as if I was getting a bit ahead of myself when I suggested our midfield pairing seemed to have survived the internationals.

As it turns out, having managed the full game for Germany against Wales this week despite being unable to train, Michael Ballack is now out for Chelsea for at least three weeks. Ballack was a doubt for Germany’s win over Wales, with a calf injury, although with that seemingly resolved, he then started having trouble with his feet.

Reports from the German football federation today suggest the German midfielder has since been forced to undergo surgery to remove thickened nerve tissue from both feet. A statement from the federation says “Michael Ballack complained once again about strong pain in both feet after Wednesday’s game against Wales.  A scan Thursday confirmed the presence of neuroma and after consultations with his club doctor, manager and coach, it was decided to have immediate surgery on both feet.”

The short procedure, carried out at a clinic in Augsburg – with Chelsea’s consent – is reported to have gone “well and without complication.”

Latest news is that as long as there are no complications along the way, Ballack should be back in training in two weeks.



3 Responses

  1. Chelsea definitely have the Premier League’s best injured team. We should get a trophy for that.

    Terry, Alex, Carvalho, Deco, Ballack, Drogba, Bosingwa, and Cech.

    So we need 1 more defender, and 2 midfielders?

    Now if we throw in both Coles we just need one more midfielder.

    Is it something in the food? If I were Lampard or Malouda, I’d stay far way from the cafeteria.

  2. Spektral, you forgot Essien, so that’s our injured team complete!

  3. Oh wow, I knew I forgot someone. That list is disturbing. If we can pull through these next couple weeks, how good will that be? I don’t believe Scolari will rush anyone back. It’s really important that we have everyone in top shape for the latter part of the season and the knockout stage of the CL. This is a great time for the younger players to show their stuff.

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