You Just Know Chelsea Are Playing Liverpool When……

………Benitez finds his voice!

Well, we must have a game against Liverpool coming up, because in true Rafa Benitez fashion he’s at it again in the press.

No, he isn’t warning the officials to keep their eyes out for Didier Drogba’s antics again (yet) because this time he’s apparently supremely confident that his Liverpool side will be breezing past everyone they meet anyway. Yes, having dug themselves out of their last few games – albeit with the odd advantage when it comes to the number of players on the field – Rafa believes they can go on and win every game they play.

With Atletico Madrid in the Champions League tonight and Chelsea in the Premier League on Sunday, the Liverpool boss says “We have the belief that we can win every game we play.” With us both unbeaten and tied at the top of the table, Benitez (apparently trying to apply some pressure to Scolari now) says “I am confident that my players can produce the right performances this week.  We are showing character and the right mentality you need for a winning team. We have Atletico next, and then Chelsea, two very tough away matches. We can field a team good enough to beat Atletico, then we must think about how we play at Chelsea. But I am confident in my players that they can produce the right performances.”

So, he’ll field a ‘good enough team’ tonight so he can focus his attention on winning the game against us? Bit of a turn around for the Premier League’s also-rans I have to say.  If it wasn’t for the fact they’re going to ‘win every game they play’, I’d be starting to think Rafa’s decided to forego Europe in order to compete domestically this season.

Anyway, to some observers, getting yourselves into a position every week which sees you dragging yourself from behind against ten men in order to get a result, might not be everyone’s idea of ‘Championship winning form’, but Benitez seems more than happy, stating “The team showed great character to beat Wigan on Saturday, and we are showing the belief that we can win every game.  The Premier League is very tough. To show the mental strength we have displayed this season is very positive.  We did that again against Wigan and we must maintain it for the next games, particularly this week.  Comebacks like we are achieving gives us confidence.”

However, I don’t think he’s advocating going behind against us as well, because he says “Maybe it would be nice to get two or three goals in the first half so I can relax a little on the bench. You will have to ask my doctor exactly how much stress I am being put under!”

Personally, I hope there’s a valium prescription due by the end of the week.


24 Responses

  1. You know Chelsea are playing Liverpool when Chelsea fans start shitting themselves.

  2. You write some utter £$%^, totally pointless..??? How have you perceived what you have, from reading what he said?

  3. Well u have commented about drogba……. i think u dont read the news as Mourinho ex Chelsea coach the darling one said Drogba is a diver………

  4. Your drunk..

    The point that his making is that the team isnt playing well but still winning, which is a good sign and the sign of a champion, whether they will be able to maintain this form we’ll have to wait and see

    Stop drinking you chelski sum

  5. When …

    Mourinho find his voice and starts playing to the journos! At least now he has the good grace to admit that Drogba is a diver – a claim he refuted during his time managing your club!

  6. Benitez’s comments are the same bland generic statements he always comes out with, theres nothing special there to base your pointless rant on in the slightest.

    You should change the title of the article to ‘You Just Know Chelsea Are Playing Liverpool When Chelsea fans find any old excuse to have a go at Rafa Benitez’

  7. Doesn’t sound unreasonable what he is saying. He is not saying Pool will thrash anyone just that they have confidence. Also not Pool’s fault that people cannot tackle properly in the vicinty of Alonso. Sounds more like you are shitting yourself – that unbeaten home record has to go some time you know……

  8. so your point is that Benitez is out of order because he’s confident in his team? Should he be saying “no we can’t possibly beat Chelsea”? I don’t understand your point. He’s simply saying he’s happy with his team, he didn’t say that Liverpool WILL beat everyone, he just said that they CAN.

    Stop trying to stir up a story out of nothing and grow a pair.

  9. Typical Chavski fans, We WON MORE THAN YOU

  10. Hey stupid shut your trap. I’m sick of hearing a fan of a club who has as little history and prestige as the bottom of Tottenham’s backside. And don’t forget of your 600m debt cause I can’t wait to see when you get to pay that back. I’ll be laughing when you get kicked out of Europe you little dickclub.

  11. “Belif we can win every game”
    isnt saying
    ” Its a fact we are going to win every game”
    This is clear for sure!
    Even for a biased Chelsea fan

  12. What an odd twist to put on such innocuous comments.

  13. i understand its your job to get people to read the shite you put out there, but do you honestly expect people to be swayed by your pedestrian drivel? come on man at least pretend to put some effort in your pathetic buildup articles
    not once did benetiz talk up the chelsea game, or try and play mind games with scolari. his statement is just an accurate portrayal of the truth, ie that liverpool have defended poorly but have had the character and team spirit to dig themselves out of the hole they find themselves in (like their win in THE CHAMPIONS LEAGUE FINAL in istambul by coming back from 3 nil down, and WINNING the penalty shootout, not choking when the chance came to win and sobbing like little girls at the losers podium)
    ps the drogba diving comment this time comes from CHELSEA’s most successful manager(aka the special one)
    the truth sucks doesnt it ?

  14. I love how Liverpool fans always bring up the issue of history. Can’t you come up with something new? It seems you are all afraid that Chelsea will have a far superior history in the years to come and need to keep reminding yourselves of the PAST. Obviously this blog did as intended. It riled up all you ‘Pool fans and got your panties in a bunch.

    At least Chelsea D doesn’t sink to your level and start calling people names. Most of your posts are incoherent and make you sound uneducated. Maybe you should spend less time crying about this article and spend more time learning in school?

  15. Spektral, what do you mean ‘makes them SOUND uneducated’? 😉

  16. What a pointless and silly article. Only a stupid Chealsea fan could write such noncence.

  17. To Spektral,
    16 comments so far, mostly from apparent Liverpool fans, only one of them refers to Liverpool’s superior history – most of the others raise other points concerning the ‘article’.
    On the other hand you wade in complaining about being called names (cant find the comment u refer to) and then start to dish out the abuse 😀
    So really. . . look at the page again and maybe. . (here’s the tip) READ IT!

  18. Spektral: I couldn’t agree more. You are truly a beacon of light in this cloudy, drought-ridden world. Continue shining your beam of excellence over these blokes that call themselves Liverpool fans. Liverpool will lose, and their fans will bawl their eyes out until Ol’ Saint Lucy comes a-knockin’. Chip chip cheerio!

  19. Bryan – Just about every article in the past that mentions Liverpool has brought at least one comment regarding history. What points do all these comments raise concerning the article? Seems to me they mostly just bash the article without any coherent thought process to back up their claim.

    It would just be nice to see some intelligent comments from the Liverpool supporters rather then see them calling Chelsea D stupid or drunk.

    I know this is very hard to do since most people hate Chelsea and the fact that their team doesn’t have billions to throw around.

  20. soon as you lose the cossack gangsters money, you’ll go back to the obscure, unsuccessful team you always were. any success you have had will be ignored , unlike our 5+18.

  21. Spektral: You truly are a beacon of light among the cloudy, mud ridden excuse of posts lying around you. You are an inspiration to us all. Do not let these unchosen drag you down to their level, Liverpool has a history of….blind, sub-human followers. Carry on my wayward son.

    As for the rest of you blokes: Your blind faith in a group of players that call themselves a team is a joke. Just because you can place your foot on a ball does not make you a player. Your team will lose, and it will be embarrassing. The only saving grace you have is that Steven Gerrard is a god among little fairy men. Aside from that, your posts here have made everyone else slightly stupider, and may God have mercy on your pitiful souls.

  22. You fag, unemployed, uneducated, marble in the mouth talking twats will get hammered this Sunday because you are leaking to many goals in against middle the table clubs. The key to winning the premo is to keep things tight at the back and take the chances that fall to you up front. Saying that, maybe thats why you have never won the premo yet. And before you come crying back with your replys of 5 + 18. We move forward in life, not backwards. Your history is exactly that, History. It may give you all a hard on when you dig out your old beta max tapes and get all your inbred family over for a few tins of tesco red stripe value larger but I would rather be seeing my club win things now. As for Steve G, I agree he is a very close second to Frank L, but he will retire from football never winning his own domestic league. So long muppits and dont forget to buy your box of tissues for Sunday………Knobs.

  23. @Little Blue Boy

    Such a good intelligent post keyboard warrior!

    Keep it up it just shows how much jealousy is contagious with our (allegedly) southern brethren.

  24. Most ‘real Chelsea fans’ who’ve followed them for the last 20 or 30 years, would not be so quick to write off Liverpool and I don’t think they would consider themselves experts on what demonstrates ‘Championship form’, as Leeds and Blackburn have shown that winning a league (or 2 in Chelsea’s case) really doesn’t qualify you to ‘talk trash’ about a truly successful club like Liverpool.

    Up until a few years ago Chelsea were no more that another N’castle, Spurs or Aston Villa. Liverpool have always demonstrated success, as Man Utd have, but Chelsea have survived 50 years on practically ‘hot air’ thats quite thin at the altitude they are currently flying at, but i’m fairly confident they will return to the level they are used to in future years, whilst liverpool and Man Utd will continue to dominate.

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