Unbeaten Record Ends In Unspectacular Fashion

Ok, so this weekend didn’t go particularly well from our point of view then – unless of course you appreciate the more challenging aspects in life, like seeing how many times you can bang your head off a wall before you pass out, or how many vodka’s do much the same job.

A less than clinical performance from us, a fluked goal from the dippers and the sort of defensive display from Rafa’s lot that Mourinho would be proud of, and the unbeaten home record is halted – in pretty unspectacular fashion. As Liverpool’s luck would have it, Xabi Alonso’s deflected effort was enough to give them all 3 points and bragging rights for god knows how long.

Obviously these rights started with Benitez immediately after the game, with the confident one stating  “They were unbeaten for a long time so it was a massive game and a big boost for the rest of the season,” Benitez told reporters after ending Chelsea’s 86-match unbeaten home league run at Stamford Bridge.  It’s important to have shown everyone we can do it here. They have a very good, very offensive team. We were trying to win…the commitment of the players showed they wanted to win.  If we want to stay at the top of the table we have to beat almost everyone. We have the belief, we have the mentality.”

Scolari, on the other hand, seemed to take his first defeat on the chin, summing it up pretty nicely by saying after the game “We did not expect the result, but we have to understand that Liverpool are a very good team. They didn’t play better than us but they shot one ball better than us and they won.”

But is the Chelsea boss bothered that he hasn’t managed to do what his predecessors have? Not so you’d notice. When asked about his player’s reaction to the end of their 4 year unbeaten home run, he says “It is no different losing three points at home or in Manchester or Tottenham or Liverpool, it is three points lost. They are sad, that’s normal but it’s not the end of the world, it’s only one game.”

Personally, with the home record becoming a bit of a millstone around the players necks last season, seeing the end of it doesn’t cause me any heartache. Seeing the end of it to the jammy scousers however – does!


5 Responses

  1. I don’t believe chelsea get the right coach after mourinho. i believe scolori himself killed the game after he made subs in 60 min. he would rather change moulda only not kalu.
    look di santos jumping for the ball can concentrate the back four as he did it and kalu can have the space to drible it in to penality could rsult at least equlizer.
    look pool’s defence was playing outside to halt chelsea wingers in the first 60 min but they have space at the center backs chelsea couldn’t explot it b/se there was not arial player. after subs pool concetrate at the center to halt disantos but left space at the fulbacks. look what if chelsea play with disantos and kalu to gether, sure we coiuld get results

  2. I think even Liverpool fans will admit this game was a complete fluke. Nothing was really proved on the pitch that day, except that Liverpool can actually hold its own against such an amazing team. Chelsea dominated the game but sometimes it comes down to a lucky deflection.

  3. This is a not a big deal. Liverpool did win, but it is still very early in the season and we are still not at full strength. When it counts, Chelsea will come out on top; just like last season’s CL clash with Liverpool.

    And I do agree that there might be some pressure lifted now that the home record run has come to an end. If anything, this will motivate the guys more.

  4. Disappointing result and our performance in the final third of the pitch wasn’t good enough with Anelka making very little impression on the game.
    We have to watch out results against the rest of the top teams now, we’ve drawn with Man U and lost to Liverpool – we need a win against one of the title contenders and could really do with beating Arsenal.

    Looks like it’s all set up to be one of the most closely fought title battles in the Prem yet!

  5. Number1TerryFan – the dippers admit they fluked a game?? about as likely as them admitting Gerrard’s a judas 🙂

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