Roy Keane Talks Up Chelsea’s Chances

Roy Keane was ‘advised’ to spend the second half of Sunderland’s game against Chelsea in the stands on Saturday. The Black Cat’s manager had questioned one or two decisions during the first 45 minutes and had no doubt politely asked the officials to explain the new offside rule that had allowed Nicolas Anelka to poach Alex’s goal on the line.

In his defence, Keane stated “I didn’t swear at him or anything. All you want when you play one of the big boys is a bit of fairness and I don’t think we got that today.”

Not that the former Manchester United legend was making any excuses for his side’s 5-0 defeat, as he says “Don’t take anything from Chelsea. There is no shame losing to a team like that. When you are 5-0 down with 35 minutes to go and Didier Drogba is warming up I wished someone would fast forward that clock.”

And before anyone thinks Keane has just signed up to Chelsea’s fan club, he says “I’ve never had a problem in my career in praising the opposition.” And praise us he certainly does, because he goes on “Chelsea would beat most teams coming here. It is a big ask and there’s no harm and no shame losing to a top, top football team. I’ll sleep quite well tonight. Good players like Deco and Frank Lampard open you up because they have got good touch and pace. They will be winning titles and European Cups over the next few years.”

High praise indeed, especially when he adds “I have fancied them for the title since the start and I`m still sure. I think because they have lost out twice they will just have the edge over United.”

I’m not sure how that statement will go down with the Old Trafford faithful, but he definitely took this defeat very graciously and not without a little humour.


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