Former Chelsea Favourite Thinks They’ve Lost It?

Well, we haven’t heard from former Chelsea favourite Gianluca Vialli for a while but if anything’s certain to have the world and his wife giving us the benefit of their opinion, it’s a defeat.

So, right on cue, in the wake of our battering by Roma the ex-Chelsea striker and manager says he doesn’t believe Chelsea are what they used to be.

Of Chelsea’s tactics on the night, Vialli says “Chelsea came here to settle for whatever they could get and when you do that, you end up losing the game on most occasions.” Whilst on the Giallorossi’s answer to Chelsea’s game he says “Roma had a great reaction to this, especially after all the problems they had recently.  Spalletti changed the system with Totti behind Vucinic as well as Brighi supporting  Perrotta on the flanks, this made life difficult for Malouda.  Roma showed great football with the ball to feet and it worked.”

And so, the Italian concludes “I don’t think Chelsea are the same team as they were a few years ago. They don’t have the consistency anymore. They lost to Manchester United in the final and also to Liverpool at home the other week, before they used to win these games.  I don’t think they have the consistency like before.”

Mind you, isn’t the fact that we appear to have started losing games we’d normally have won a form of consistency in itself? 🙂



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