John Terry: Lack Of Fight And Kicked Where It Hurts

John Terry is not a happy man.

Just about everyone has picked the bones out of our game against Roma and of course, the Chelsea skipper wasn’t going to be an exception following our mullering at the hands of the Italians.

In the ongoing inquest after our 3-1 defeat, Terry says “If we are going to perform like that we are going to get nowhere near the Champions League final.  The final is a big target and we want to come back here in May, but with that kind of performance and work-rate we have no chance.  It has to start first and foremost with a desire to win. It was a terrible night for us really. We didn’t get going. Overall it was disappointing that we didn’t even fight, even after going 1-0 and 2-0 down.  We didn’t show the fight and desire that has got us here over the last few years. Lately we haven’t conceded goals but we conceded three.  That doesn’t happen normally, but we didn’t show the fight to get back into the game.”

Terry, who scored our consolation goal, held his hands up when it came to who was at fault for Roma’s opener, stating “We knew they had been struggling for results the last few months and that the pressure was all on them.  In the first five minutes you could see the tension in their team, but we didn’t get out of first gear all night, which is really disappointing.  We gave them a chance early on and they got a lift out of that, then they got the goal when no one picked up (Panucci).  There were four of us there, including Petr (Cech) and none of us dealt with the first goal collectively. It was just too easy.”

So why did it happen then? Well according to Terry, there was more than a touch of complacency involved, with the Chelsea captain admitting “We just sort of strolled and came here thinking we were better than them when clearly we were not.”

Well, obviously we weren’t, and yet, in the same interview Terry was quoted as saying “If it comes down to quality, nine times out of 10 we are better than most sides.” And whilst I agree with him to an extent, he’s already acknowledged this is exactly the sort of attitude that lost us the game.  Because, having the quality isn’t good enough if the effort isn’t there – a point John Terry appears to agree with when he says “Everyone has seen how well we’ve been playing this season, the movement has been great and we have been fighting for each other.  When you play anywhere in the world first and foremost you have to fight and show more determination than the opposition to win the game.  Of late we have been getting results and performances because we have been working hard for each other and the movement has been there for each other. We have been getting the goals and destroying teams, but we came here thinking we can do it individually when we can’t.”

And, having lost to both Liverpool and Roma now, I couldn’t agree with the Chelsea captain more when he says “Maybe that is the kick up the backside that we needed.”


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