Will Chelsea Use Bridge As A Trade-off?

According to recent rumours, both Manchester City and Tottenham are chasing Wayne Bridge.

Our 28 year old left back signed a new deal in the summer although continues to play second fiddle to Ashley Cole. Obviously, he’s already played a little more than he might have expected, with Cole spending a bit of time out injured but I guess continually standing behind Cole in the queue for both his club and country could prompt him to consider his options.

Whilst I couldn’t see Chelsea being keen to give as much as the steam off their p*** to City, with Harry Redknapp possibly seeking to bolster his Spurs side in the January transfer window, and Scolari rumoured to be keen on Giovanni Dos Santos, the Spurs boss could have something to bargain with.

But, with Wayne Bridge having committed himself to Chelsea only a matter of months ago, and again, in Cole’s absence proving to be a very solid stand-in, would Chelsea consider letting him go?


2 Responses

  1. No.

  2. If they do let bridge go then there is no other team dumb enough more than chelsea. I mean what is this deal about buying players. A good coach should be able to doa solid job with the set of players available. I mean the squad that we have is full of quality. And even now he whines about Robhino? I hate that.

    And now this rumor about selling bridge, COME ON!! Ridiculous. If this continues I don’t see chelsea creating 100 years of history.

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