Ashley Cole Bringing Trouble On Himself?

Ashley Cole is ready to do battle with the press in the High Court over allegations he’d cheated on his missus.

The Chelsea left-back, married to Girls Aloud singer and X Factor judge Cheryl Cole, is planning to sue the Mirror Group Newspapers for damages over a series of stories early this year detailing his ‘alleged’ relationships with three mingers women.

According to Cole, the stories which appeared in the Daily Mirror and Sunday Mirror contained ‘confidential information’ and ‘breached his right to privacy’ and the Chelsea defender claims he was ‘embarrassed and gravely distressed’ by them – particularly once his missus found out anyway. He also suggests some of the information printed was false and invented, although strangely enough, the legal action won’t be clarifying what’s true and what’s not (wouldn’t be the bit about ‘size’ by any chance would it Ashley?)

Anyway, whilst the indignant Chelsea player is banging on about his Human Rights, in a pre-trial hearing yesterday the Mirror Group argued that the celebrity couple don’t exactly strike them as the sort of couple who want privacy given the £500,000 magazine spread their wedding pulled. Not to mention the fact that they’re constantly in the press and haven’t exactly shied away from it when it comes to talking about their relationship.

And dragging the press through the courts is hardly the subtlest way of gaining privacy when you’ve behaved disgracefully anyway. Will he ever learn?



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