Bates Still Using Chelsea For His Own Gains?

Every now and then bad pennies turn up, isn’t that what they say?

In Chelsea’s case, this time it’s Ken Bates again. Yes motormouth is having another pop at the club he lovingly regards as his ‘first child’. So what’s got the old git’s Bates’ goat this time? Apparently it’s a couple of our youth players – formerly Leeds players – and their lack of progress at Chelsea.

In his programme notes last weekend, Bates thought he’d amuse himself, rather spitefully at the expense of two young players by stating “Michael Woods and Tom Taiwo. Remember them? No? The names came back to me when we received a circular from a firm of football agents as follows: “Tom Taiwo – Chelsea central midfield/right-back. Former Leeds United. £2m. England youth international who had a spell at Port Vale this season”. Remember them now? Great players with outstanding potential. They were invited down to Chelsea with their parents. They visited the Chelsea training ground, stayed at a good hotel, watched Chelsea and then signed for the club. Haven’t heard of them since until the above circular, offering Tom on loan, arrived at our door. The problem is that young players and their parents are sometimes seduced by short-term promises. It must be very tempting to see short-term gains and the glamour of moving to a so-called “big club”. In reality the truth is very different. The kids disappear into the anonymity of the nether regions, rarely to be heard of again. Short-term gain, long-term loss. Leeds United are committed to caring and fostering our youth for the long-term benefit of the kids’ future.”

Oh well, pat yourself on the back you sanctimonious old fucker. Both lads are 18 years old, is there something wrong with thinking about sending them out on loan to see how they get on playing competitive football? (didn’t do John Terry any harm apparently) Or should we have a first team full of 18 year old novices like we did in your days at Stamford Bridge? Only we didn’t do that then either did we? Oh my goodness, does that make you a hypocrite Mr Bates? Who’d have thought it eh?

So, since this is yet another hypocritical rant exactly like the last one he had about Chelsea, what’s his agenda. Quite simple really. Whilst his usual nastiness seems to be firmly in the direction of our woeful youth policy (which of course has it’s faults), he’s busy bigging up their very own 18 year old midfield wonder, Fabian Delph. Except his ‘hands off’ warning to Premier League clubs is probably a poorly disguised ‘offer me enough and I’ll sell’ tip-off, seeing as that’s what the greedy old sod is more accustomed to.

Not that Bates is a bitter old hypocrite obviously!


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