Drogba Made To Pay The Price?

Tuesday saw Didier Drogba given a three-game ban by the FA for his behaviour following his first goal of the season against Burnley.

Yeah ok, I know most players might just slide themselves face down across the pitch, but that’s a bit old-hat to Drogba, who let’s face it, spends half his games doing just that anyway. So the Ivorian came up with his own rather unique celebration, which seemed to involve indicating to the crowd how many goals he’d scored before returning some loose change a member of the crowd appeared to have dropped.

Ok, so it’s a little far-fetched but I’m surprised the Chelsea striker didn’t try one of his usual excuses for behaving badly. Instead Drogba stated “There is something I want to make clear. I tried to celebrate the goal and I received some things at me. The big mistake I did was to throw it back so if someone was hurt, I just want to apologise for it. This is not something I should show in a football match and I want to apologise. It was an incident in the heat of the moment and I regret it. It was just a mistake and nothing more.”

So, we got the apology whilst Drogba got a yellow card at the time, a three-game ban and has subsequently been fined by his club – and if rumours are to be believed, that fine is to the tune of £180,000.

How does that old saying go? Find a penny, pick it up……………………

But it’ll cost you if you throw it. 🙂


2 Responses

  1. The worthless view of an admitted Drogba hater whose description of the events makes it clear that they weren’t at the game and only had the benefit of a highlights package.

    If you can’t make your case without contorting what happened and by acts of omission, then you don’t have a case to argue.

  2. So because I wasnt at the game I’m not entitled to an opinion, is that how it works? Get over yourself Squiddy.

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