CHELSEA vs Arsenal: Talking To The Opposition

TheChelseaBlog did a quick interview with Arsenal Insider in the run up to today’s game. You can check it out here.


4 Responses

  1. Funny how it was mentioned in a previous blogg that Arsenal would play for a draw, we have never played that way and we never will, in spite of all your money and experience you were beaten by a team that simply wanted it more, I have money on you finish a second season without a trophy, and Joe Cole can look back at his remarks with disdain.
    There is no pressure on our team as we haven’t spent the obscene amount you have and booing your team at the end really sums you lot up, you can’t complain about injuries as we have sustained the same if not more, so I will be interested to hear your excuses from your glory hunting fans.

  2. Not exactly gracious in victory then looneygooner? about the level of class I’d expect though.
    I don’t think Arsenal ‘wanting it more’ is the sort of perception you’d get from a neutral tbh, because for 60 minutes that really wasn’t the case. A blatant decision went in Arsenal’s favour and they made it count, if that gives you bragging rights then fair enough but I don’t think Joe Cole, or anybody else, will be changing their opinion on the strength of that performance.

  3. Funny how you don’t mention the spiteful double-footed career wrecking challenge by your Captain Terry on Sagna, that should have been a straight red but once again the blinkers are on, you should have ended the game with nine men, so Dean in respect cheated Arsenal with his appalling decisions

  4. Ha ha, yeh right. I was merely talking about decisions that actually turned the game, not decisions that may or may not have had an impact. The offside goal was THE turning point of the game and without that decision you wouldnt have got 3 points, just accept it. Terry’s tackle was horrible, I wouldnt even argue that, and fair play, he could’ve got sent off on another day.
    But whilst we’re on dodgy decisions – how did Denilson not get a booking for that hilarious dive? Blatant attempt at trying to con a penalty off the ref, no?

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