Essien Still Wanted At Inter

I’m not sure what part of ‘it ain’t happening’ those at Inter Milan don’t quite understand but maybe their English just isn’t all that clever.

You see, back in the summer when Jose Mourinho came sniffing around our players, Michael Essien not only said he wasn’t interested but he backed that up by signing a new deal with Chelsea.

However, the midfielder, who’s been out injured for the last few months, is still being coveted inside the San Siro apparently. This time though, it’s Inter Sulley Muntari who’s hoping Essien will change his mind, saying “Michael Essien is like a brother to me.  When Inter made their interest known, he called me up and said I should accept without any fears, as I would find a great coach in [José] Mourinho.  Would I like to play alongside him? I already do that in the national side, but hopefully he will move here too.”

Mind you, with it all too apparent how much Chelsea have missed the Bison’s presence this season, I think it’s fair to say Inter can keep on dreaming.


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