Is Deco Getting It Too Easy At Chelsea?

Deco was at Barcelona for four years before a dip in form and fitness saw him become surplus to requirements at the Nou Camp last season, leaving the door open for a move to Stamford Bridge.

His arrival at Chelsea probably raised more questions than eyebrows. After all, with Scolari rumoured to be the next Chelsea coach, a player like Deco wasn’t an unlikely signing but what exactly was he expected to bring to Chelsea? At 30, and with questionable fitness, was he likely to return to form under the pressures of the Premier League?

Well, his debut month for us looked as if those questions had been answered. He had a blistering start to his Chelsea career, picking up a Man of the Match award in his first game and the Barclays Player of the Month award by the time August was over. His presence in the Chelsea midfield just seemed to give us that extra something as he effortlessly slotted in, forming an almost instantly successful partnership with Lampard. Even I was pretty excited.

Unfortunately though, it wasn’t long before we saw him out injured and he’s struggled for that early season form ever since.

However, despite this minor frustration, Deco tells us he’s happier at Chelsea than he was at Barca and has no regrets about leaving the Nou Camp. The Chelsea midfielder who suggests the lack of media and supporter pressure makes a nice change, says “It is easier here than in Barcelona to concentrate on football, because we train away from the city and we are not involved with the press nor the fans.  In Barcelona, we had a lot more pressure because every day we had two newspapers talking about the club and the players. The press was always there, at each training session.”

Mind you, with him maybe needing a little motivator to kick-start his form again, could it be that life is a little too easy for him at Stamford Bridge?


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