Malouda Running Out Of Chances At Chelsea?

Poor old Florent Malouda seems to be the Chelsea whipping boy as far as the press are concerned.

Following on from recent rumours suggesting the Frenchman has fallen out with his team-mates, we’re now being told he’ll be made available in the January transfer window.

After the Arsenal game, reports suggested senior Chelsea players had been accusing Malouda, who joined us in a £16.5million deal from Lyon, of not pulling his weight. The players were also alleged to have told Scolari he should have played Wayne Bridge in Malouda’s place.

And with Malouda no doubt just coming to realise his every move will come under some intense media scrutiny from here on in, a little more pressure’s been added for good measure, with the latest headlines suggesting he’ll be put up for sale as soon as the transfer window opens.

Mind you, conveniently enough for the press, Malouda’s already been linked with a move to Inter Milan so all could be well that ends well eh?


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  1. We can only hope.

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