Bolton 0-2 Chelsea: Video Highlights

Another win away for Chelsea this weekend, this time at the Reebok. You can watch video highlights here.

Scolari Questioning Abramovich’s Plan?

Luiz Felipe Scolari is reported to have made it clear he wants a couple of players although Peter Kenyon insists Chelsea plan to continue with the ‘Scrooge’ theme.

However, despite having previously appeared to shrug his shoulders over the availability of cash for transfers, we’re now being told Scolari has declared it’ll be another case of ‘Old Mother Hubbard’ at Stamford Bridge this season unless players are brought in.

At a supporters forum on Thursday night, Scolari is quoted as saying “I think the board know it, I know it and the fans know it.  We need one or two more players to put in the team and if we get them then we are in good condition to win trophies at the end of the season and, if not, there might be problems. If we have two more players in the squad, we will have a good chance.”

Mind you, anyone who read the transcripts on the club’s site wouldn’t know he said that because this quote is mysteriously missing. You see, it’s alleged Scolari’s opinion didn’t meet with his boss’ approval, so they met with the editor’s delete key instead and a club ‘spokesman’ is said to have offered the Daily Mail this explanation: “Transcripts can be edited for a variety of reasons. In this case it may have created unnecessary and misconstrued media speculation again about the transfer window, a subject the manager was always going to be asked to address in his Press conference on Friday.”

Meanwhile, Peter Kenyon continues with the party-line, saying “I don’t think we will be doing any business in the January transfer window because the type of players we are looking for are not available.  Another reason is that we have still got some long-term injuries coming back and in January or February, Chelsea will have more player availability.” Which is all well and good Peter, assuming they’re all perfectly match-fit and we haven’t suffered any more disasters along the way. Nevertheless, Kenyon maintains we need to change our outlook of past seasons and not simply “throw bodies at the problem.” And I entirely agree but only because I think we should be throwing, young, talented bodies at it instead now.

Anyway, we won’t know what’s going to happen in the transfer window until January comes around, so this speculation will run and run. As for the speculation about Scolari’s ‘statement’, if he did actually say it, then it’s not exactly a sentiment I’d disagree with.

By the way, did any of the supporters at the forum actually hear Scolari say that?

Malouda Fan Club Emerging?

Well, he might not be feeling particularly welcome at Chelsea right now, amid speculation of senior players slagging him off and supporters being……well, unsupportive, but it’s not all bad news for Florent Malouda who does at least have some admirers.

We already know Mourinho seems to have a bit of an eye for the Frenchman and now its seems, having failed to sign him in the summer, AS Roma fancy trying their luck again in the January transfer window.

Rumour has it Chelsea are willing to let him go and this would certainly free up a bit of cash if Scolari wants it, and with Malouda about as consistent as Didier Drogba’s commitment, maybe the time has come to let him go?

Ray Wilkins: No Chelsea Tantrums

Chelsea’s unbeaten home record was phenomenal and despite the fact it was ended in pretty unspectacular style, predictably against the worst possible side it could be, it had to come to an end sooner or later.

Like a fair few supporters, I’d come to see the home record as a bit of millstone in the end anyway. As good a record as it was, the fact is we were just drawing too many games at home and the points we dropped as a result ultimately cost us. Mind you, if I’m honest, although I started to expect the record to go just about every home game, once it had gone, I didn’t expect quite the turn around in results we’ve had at the Bridge.

Still, we’re only a point off the top and we’re getting the results away from home, a pretty good run of them actually. Yet those poor results at home this season aren’t going away and of course, neither will the press. And so having spent the earlier part of this season building the new Chelsea boss up while he was flavour of the month they’re already flexing their literary muscles in preparation to knock him back down.

So, despite the fact we’ve just had another decent win away from home, the press seem to have dug up ‘claims’ about Chelsea players being unhappy with Scolari’s laid-back approach to training and the predictability of their game. Although when it was put to Ray Wilkins that there could be some unrest creeping into the dressing room, he insisted “None whatsoever. If you are looking for an angle then that team might have fallen apart, but the spirit and application in the camp is absolutely different class.  You cannot perform like that if there is dissension about. They have performed to a very high standard. Our away results have been absolutely first class. We’ve a superb away record.  Overall we are delighted with where we are at the moment, just a point behind Liverpool, so as far as we are concerned we’re in a fantastic position.”

So, I guess it looks as if the press will just have to try a bit harder.