Time For Chelsea To Sell Kalou?

I’ve read a few pieces slating Salomon Kalou lately and I have to admit, even after trying really hard to give him the benefit of the doubt and going as far as hoping I might end up eating a large wedge of humble pie by the end of this campaign, he just ain’t good enough.

He drives me totally insane.

I mean, he either looks a bit of a pussy when he’s brushed off the ball far too easily, or he’s overplaying every bloody ball and doing the SWP style ‘I can walk through players’ routine until he runs headlong into a defender and collapses in a heap.

And whilst I’ve got nothing against him personally – I actually think he seems a really nice lad – watching him play makes me want to hurt him. His lack of effect on the pitch is just so frustrating. Surely 16 goals in 76 appearances has to at least hint to Scolari that Chelsea and Kalou are just not meant to be?

Now I know it’s not usually the done thing to sell players to our rivals, and if his form suddenly had the sort of up-turn Shauny’s did when he went back to City it’d be pretty harsh on us, but £11million – it’s got to be worth the risk surely?


6 Responses

  1. don’t ever sell salomon Kalou

  2. Yes, I support the writer 100%.Kalou is not just a striker at all, and yes, it also make me want to hurt him each time he plays. I wonder who told him he could play football.Anytime, we have a goal bound ball and I see Kalou up there, I feel dissapointed, cos there is a 99% chance that Kalou would once again miss a golden chance. That is just him and he should pleas leave in January or relegated to the reserves. Even if we sell Kalou below the price we bought him, oh! sorry to us, but it will save us some heartache and heart failure.16 goals out of 76 appearances! this leaves me with the question if Scolari knows what he is actually doing in managing a club side.,cos a striker with such record should not be playing regularly and in top flight competitions

  3. I think its not about Kalou I think its about Big phil seems he does not know what he is doing how do you bring on Bridge for Mikel , and why is he not even using Sinclair seems he is afraid, Chelsea is playing good but when they don’t check and you will see its the forward that’s not doing its work well I hate to see Anelka and Kalou upfront gee what a waste of players Well DD is back and am happy

  4. Kalou is not top player that chelsea need right now.I love to see he is not wearing chelsea’s shirt again next season

  5. completely agree. the bloke is a waste of time. its not just him though. although malouda is showing signs of getting slightly better, he is still not good enough. we’re in desperate need of a quality pacey winger

  6. Simply put, Kalou is not good enough. His decision-making is awful and the less said about his shooting, the better. Every time he’s on the ball, I hope he’ll beat his man and whip in a good cross or at least hit the target if he shoots. But 9 out of 10 times, there’s no end product. I’d hate it if he went to a rival and started performing well, though. Maybe we can sell him to Jose? 😉

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