CHELSEA vs West Ham: Video Preview

Sunday sees Chelsea welcome Gianfranco Zola back to Stamford Bridge, you can watch the Chelsea v West Ham preview here.

Ranieri Doesn’t Fancy A Return To Chelsea

Juventus boss Claudio Ranieri doesn’t fancy playing his former club in the knock-out stages of the Champions League.  Juve finished top of their group and Chelsea, as we know, finished second behind Roma which means a meeting between the two sides is a possibility.

However, despite Ranieri’s preference to avoid us if he can, he’s certainly not sentimental about a potential reunion. The former Chelsea manager says “The strongest would have to be Chelsea.  But if we have to face them at some stage we might as well eliminate them at once.”

I’m sure Ranieri would be warmly welcomed if the draw sees us up against Juve but I’ve no doubt he’d be hoping to walk away from Stamford Bridge a happier man this time around.

Grant Still Making A Fool Of Himself At Chelsea’s Expense

I made no secret of my dislike for Avram Grant when he was at Chelsea, as far as I was concerned he was just an under-qualified and over-promoted tramp temp. A charlatan. He knew sod all about managing anything but cones at Premier League level and his appointment was an embarrassment.

So, to read his recent comments about us hasn’t done him any favours in my book obviously.

Having been sacked after one of our most depressing seasons under his ‘management’, the Average One has decided to slag off his former players stating “The level of performance at Chelsea is very high, the players perform at a high level and so are their salaries – but some of the players there have problems that you can’t find at a children’s team.  Some of the players there have problems.”

Of course the players had a problem – their bloody inept ‘manager’.

Anyway, in an effort to show us all how adept he was at man-management, Grant goes on “I didn’t really need Anelka last season and I told him so. He is a very good player, but needs to have more passion.” Is he serious? I mean, I always said he was clueless, but telling a player like Anelka he isn’t needed would motivate him how exactly? Honestly, if Grant had even the smallest clue then the turnaround in Anelka’s form under Scolari would highlight the need for him not to try and brag about this.

And talking of bragging, in an embarrassing effort to talk himself up Grant informs us “I wanted to sign Franck Ribery and really wanted Kaka because I thought Chelsea should play a bit different.” He’s hilarious, Well we all knew Chelsea needed to ‘play a bit different’ mate but it was never going to happen under you was it?

Anyway, talking up how close he came to signing Kaka, he says “he is the best player in the world and I had negotiations with him.” Mhmmm, and then what Mr Average? Because I don’t remember any world class players arriving during your reign. Well, I guess that’s because as Grunt Grant explains “it fell through.”

So anyway, the point of this vindictive little interview was? Oh yeh, he’s still looking for a job.